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Colorado Solar Schools
Resources for Colorado schools that want to include PV for education. Also, anyone can access solar electric generation data, real time and past week and month, from a dozen schools in Colorado.
ENF. List of solar companies: solar cells, pv...
ENF tracks production lines, installations, installers, and contracts in Europe and China.
Solar Electric Power Association
The Solar Electric Power Association is a nonprofit organization with 175 utility, electric service provider, manufacturer, installer, government, and research members. SEPA’s mission is to facilitate the use and integration of solar electric power by utilities, electric service providers, and their customers.
Solar Electric Vehicle Team at MIT
Solar Electricity Prices
Solar Lab Research and Design
A London-based company that builds boats and other projects using photo-voltaic modules. You can see their solar ferry operating in Hamburg, Germany.
Solar Skiff
Inventing a solar-powered space plane. This super-long page reviews history, physics, and an interesting business model.
Solar Taxi World Tour
Follow a Swiss schoolteacher around the world in a small electric vehicle powered by a trailer of PV modules. Sponsored by Q-Cells, a PV-module manufacturer.
Solectria Renewables
Solectria, a Massachusetts maker of inverters for renewable power systems, offers NABCEP-point-earning training for the installation of inverters and data monitoring.
STEM Solar Lab — Energizing Students
The STEM Solar Lab is a 2kW grid-tied solar PV array for schools to use as a learning model for teachers and students. Accompanying curriculum is for grades 7-12. There is a focus on hands-on learning.
The Foundation for Environmental Education
The Foundation supports the Energy Seeds blog and several statewide solar-on-school programs.