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Friedemann Friese Power Grid, an economic game
Two to six players compete to invest in power plants, while new technologies are developed as the game progresses.
Expansions include The Robots; Central Europe/Benelux; The New Power Plant Cards; Russia & Japan. Alternatives include Power Grid:First Sparks.
Save Ohno is a gamified platform for climate change activism. 'Ohno' is a character that represents your great granddaughter, and it's up to you reshape her future by taking action in the real world. You dictate her future by starting and supporting petitions, protests, social media ad campaigns and other initiatives, donating to nonprofits, and contacting politicians - all on!
Tesla vs Edison: War of Currents
In this board game, two to five players invest in one of the visionary inventors creating the electrical industry in America. The company is also developing a version in Italian.
Like the game Monopoly, this game was developed by science teachers for exploring the economy of wind power.