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AG Energy : Free Ag Energy Curriculum
Free agricultural energy teaching materials. Focused on harvesting energy from farms while considering cost and efficiency. Suited for high school and higher education.
AgroMedia: Energy Uses: Index
Canadian, also available in French. Lots of numeric data and vocabulary about agriculture's use of energy. Be careful, some of the data is based on the Pimentel's calculations which used no-longer correct assumptions.
Center for Energy & Environmental Education U. N. Iowa
Organizes workshops, research, and events for energy and environmentalism education in Iowa. Programs include equipment lending, Iowa Energy Center Poster Contest, Iowa Junior Solar Sprint, Electrathon, Teacher Training Workshops, Environmental Issues Instruction, Waste Reduction, Energy Resources, Local Foods Planning, On-Farm Energy, UNI Student Energy! Project, School Energy Efficiency Project, and more.
Cornell Initiative for Sustainable Bioenergy Crops
The Cornell Initiative for Sustainable Bioenergy Crops (CISBC) is an organization whose aim is to provide a hub for Cornell plant scientists with interests in bioenergy research and sustainability. Also, the mission of the CISBC is to promote the development of effective long-term agroenergy cropping systems, which will require the collaboration of many plant science disciplines.
Eprida: Sustainable Solutions...
This company is pursuing a biomass energy process with net-negative carbon emissions.
Concerned with factory farming, looks to support sustainable agriculture and healthy food. Also supports transition to clean energy.
New York Biofuels Feedstock Project
A research project at Cornell U studies the viability of grasses and legumes for making gas, liquid, and solid fuels for heat and electricity.
New York Sun Works
NY Sun Works operates a solar-powered barge in New York City that features a greenhouse using no fossil-fuel inputs. School groups can visit if planned ahead.
Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development
Help for businesses and farms interested in renewable and sustainable energy and other sustainable development projects. Sullivan County, NY.