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Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center
The Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center (ATEEC) is a national center that promotes and supports environmental technology education to address the needs of the national and global workforce.
ATEEC is supported and funded by the National Science Foundation and is a partnership of the Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute, the National Partnership for Environmental Technology Education, and the University of
Northern Iowa. ATEEC has also received funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center (ATEEC) Dowloads
ATEEC offers curricula, activities, programs in the US, workshop materials, online discussions, workforce training information, and links for energy education. Some previous programs are archived. Search for "energy".
Alliance To Save Energy
DOE University and Science Education Programs at Pacific Northwest National Lab
STEM partnerships, university programs, teacher development, a high school serving Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, Washington School Districts.
Energized Learning: How to Use the Energized ...
Energy4Me--The Society of Petroleum Engineers
The Society of Petroleum Engineers provides information about energy for teachers to use. Energy4Me distributes educational materials about energy resources, developed by teachers, tested in classrooms. Energy4Me also provides speakers and web resources.
Geothermal Education Office
Green Schools Project--Alliance to Save Energy
The Green Schools Program of the Alliance to Save Energy engages students in creating energy-saving activities in their schools, using hands-on, real-world projects.
Igniting Creative Energy Challenge
Students and teachers submit their experiences in energy education for an annual prize. Organized by the National Energy Foundation, developed by a partership between NEF and Johnson Controls. Open to students K-12, the Challenge is an educational competition designed to encourage students to learn more about energy and the environment. All student entries will be recognized, with Grand Prize Trips awarded to three students and one teacher.
KidWind Project, The
The KidWind Project trains middle school teachers to generate meaningful curriculum around designing and building effective, tabletop, electric wind turbines. KidWind offers workshops, kits, information, and ideas for teaching about wind energy. Its curriculum is excellent for teaching engineering design. KidWind can help you think of ways to get much of the materials donated from local hardware stores.
National Energy Education Development Project
NEED has been working across the US for over 20 years, helping educators with energy-related curriculum through workshops, materials, and conferences.
National Foundation for Energy Education
Offers workshops for teachers the physical science of energy. Also hosting the Great American Energy Debate in March, 2010. This event will start a ten-year effort to help American students understand issues, opinions, and facts pertaining to energy production and use.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Education Programs
National Science Bowl-US DOE
An annual competition in science and engineering sponsored by the US Dept. of Energy.
NREL: Junior Solar Sprint
Physics and Society Education
Notes shared by physics teachers interested in socially relevant science. Tracks some interesting articles about energy futures.
Roofus' Solar Home
An interactive trip with a dog around his house considering efficiency and the solar panels on his/her roof. Watch out, roofus dresses like a rapper circa Run DMC.
The Foresight Project
The Foresight Project was formed to develop and implement educational initiatives that connect students in a meaningful way with the critical issues of their own future world. The organization runs the Energy Alternatives contest Imagining Tomorrow.
US Department of Energy Women @ Energy
The Department of Energy has created a website resource, Women@Energy, showcasing talented and dedicated employees who are helping change the world, ensuring America's security and prosperity through transformative science and technology solutions. View profiles of women across the country, sharing what inspired them to work in STEM, what excites them about their work at the Energy Department, sharing ideas for getting more underrepresented groups engage in STEM, offering tips, and more.
USDOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Ed Page
Wilson Ed - Education about how to save energy
Wilson Educational Services runs programs for k-12 school ranging from one-day energy activities to 10 day intensive audits run by students.
Xcel Energy - Energy Classroom,3080,1-1-1_4359_10686-9307-0_0_0-0,00.html
New in September 2004, mostly elementary level, some glorification of the energy company that owns the site. The Power & Wildlife section only lists ways that power plants and lines provide nests for birds; nothing about any other effects!
Youth Clean Energy patch program
Kids can show proof of their environmental action by wearing the Clean Green Power Champion patch which they earn for interviewing someone in solar, wind, or other clean energy field, and following up with their own project to spread the word about what they've learned. Special patch for Girl Scouts --patches FREE to Massachusetts youth; $5. to others. Download the web-linked resource guide full of activities, project ideas, and even a clean energy story for the youngest patch seekers.