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Automotive Career Development Center
Trains mechanics to work on hybrid vehicles.
Cape and Islands Self Reliance
A nonprofit organization that supports renewable energy resources and sustainable energy for Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard.
CISR offers annual training for installing wind turbines.
Center for Energy Workforce Development
With a mission to build the alliances, processes, and tools
to develop tomorrow's energy workforce, CEWD holds regional conferences and hosts an online tool to allow workers to explore careers and training.
Clinton Community College, Plattsburgh, NY
Clinton Community College, in Plattsburgh, NY, offers an associate's degree in wind energy and turbine technology, and a one year certificate for a wind turbine service technician.
everblue training institute
Everblue offers career advancement and certification in renewable energy, HVAC, and sustainable building practices.
GRID Alternatives
GRID Alternatives provides renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment, and training to communities in need. They have offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles, San Diego and the Central Valley to serve communities throughout California; Colorado; Mid-Atlantic US; Nicaragua; Nepal; and tribal areas in North America.
Activities include volunteer installations, Habitat for Humanity home-building, multi-lingual informational brochures, and the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) Program, a California Solar Initiative program, funded by California ratepayers.
Heatspring Learning Institute
Courses for renewable energy installers, and an email newsletter announcing courses and opportunities. Participants may earn a certificate and thus listing on Heatspring's web site.
IREC Training Catalog
Catalog of courses, in energy job-training, across America from providers recognized by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.
Kalamazoo Valley (MI) Community College Wind Energy Tech
KVCC offers a certificate for technicians, certifying their ability to work on wind turbines.
Learn at AltE--AltE university
Courses for consumers and installers of alternative energy systems, including preparation for NABCEP certification. Currently offered in Massachusetts and Ohio.
MA Clean Energy Careers Training & Ed Online Dir
This directory of training opportunities in Massachusetts aims to connect energy efficiency and renewable energy industry professionals, jobs seekers, and students with the many opportunities for education and training that exist throughout the Commonwealth.
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Using the Massachusetts Green Jobs Act of 2008 to spur workforce development in clean energy. Working on developing clean energy companies, training a clean energy workforce, and furthering energy efficiency.
NABCEP Energy Training Providers
Look for the link on this web page to the current list of providers offering training for the Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge from teh North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).
Northwest Energy Education Institute
The Northwest Energy Education Institute (NEEI) offers both standard and custom learning opportunities throughout the Northwest for practicing professionals in the energy industry, including an energy management certification program.
NEEI has provided energy efficiency training and development throughout the Northwest region since 1998. Participants have included technicians, contractors, engineers, architects, consultants, utility personnel, and energy managers.
Sacramento CC Comm Bldg Energy Auditing & Commissioning program
Sacramento City College is fortunate to have a world-class, hands-on commercial HVAC/R energy efficiency training laboratory. The cooling systems include a commercial chiller, with ice thermal storage system, and a plate & frame heat exchanger. The heating systems include three different commercial boiler configurations: low pressure steam, high-pressure steam and hot water. This central plant equipment, and associated pumping, serves 3 VAV air handlers and is controlled by a state-of-the-art direct digital control (DDC) energy management system featuring 50 workstations in two separate classrooms. This is all operational equipment, designed and built for instructional use, that will give students hands-on experience auditing, commissioning, maintaining, troubleshooting, and operating in the most energy efficient manner. -Submitted by Mark Hamilton, Assistant Professor there, 2011.
Saturn Resource Management
Saturn Resource Management provides publications, curriculum, and online training for building performance professionals and trainers.
Their publications are for professionals, trainers, and operators/homeowners.
SEED—Sustainability Education and Economic Development
The SEED Center is a leadership initiative, resources center, and online sharing environment for community colleges to ramp up programs for America's workforce and build the green economy. Resources for education in solar, wind, green building, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Supported by the American Association of Community Colleges, with hundreds of member colleges.
Solar Energy International
Workshops on installing solar PV, solar thermal, wind, micro-hydro, and renewable fuels, and a special workshop on renewable energy for educators. This nonprofit offers training online and at over 20 locations around the world.
Wind Rising at Clinton CC, Plattsburgh, New York
Wind Rising is a week-long, summer training program for wind industry professionals. The wind lab at Clinton Community College is equipped with advanced training simulators. Trainees troubleshoot and practice repairing turbines in our labs, with experienced faculty by their side. A portion of the week-long program includes Safety at Height and Rescue Certification. Become Ropeworks-certified by their official, certified instructor.