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Iowa Energy Center
The Iowa Energy Center supports economic development, environmental sustainability, and social well-being in Iowa through energy innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. They provide Iowans with reliable, objective information on energy and efficiency options.
There are two sites available for tours.
AG Energy : Free Ag Energy Curriculum
Free agricultural energy teaching materials. Focused on harvesting energy from farms while considering cost and efficiency. Suited for high school and higher education.
U N. Iowa STORM project
This meteorology program offers professional development to teachers, not just in Iowa. Topics include air quality.
Center for Energy & Environmental Education U. N. Iowa
Organizes workshops, research, and events for energy and environmentalism education in Iowa. Programs include equipment lending, Iowa Energy Center Poster Contest, Iowa Junior Solar Sprint, Electrathon, Teacher Training Workshops, Environmental Issues Instruction, Waste Reduction, Energy Resources, Local Foods Planning, On-Farm Energy, UNI Student Energy! Project, School Energy Efficiency Project, and more.