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Target grants for educational field trips
The company Target offers up to $800 to 5000 schools each year for field trips. Registration closes in the early fall.
Penn. Power and Light Environmental Ed Grants
PPL offers teachers in its service area around Pennsylvania annual grants for environmental education, including for renewable energy and energy efficiency education.
Awareness Ideas
Awareness Ideas offers institutions educational media about energy, recycling, and safety. Schools can also team with local businesses who buy media from AI so that the schools share in the profits. A large variety of posters.
New York State Focus on Colleges and Universities
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) began this program in 2009 to help campuses implement energy efficiency measures, with funding.
Junior Energy
A fundraising and educational program, allowing student teams to purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs at wholesale prices.
Winchester Massachusetts Solar Challenge
Read how this community earned matching funds for solar panels on its schools.
NYSEG: Energy Education Mini-Grants
NYSEG serves Central New York State, and offers grants up to $750 to help teach about energy.