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ENF. List of solar companies: solar cells, pv...
ENF tracks production lines, installations, installers, and contracts in Europe and China.
Greenwood Furnaces Wood Boilers and Biomass Boilers
Manufactures wood and biomass boilers and furnaces, from small residential systems to 3.5MBTU/hr commercial pellet-fired boilers.
LED products that fit in various common sockets, including grow lamps (plants mostly need just red and blue light) and LED modules that replace halogen task lamps.
SOLYNDRA makes glass cylinders coated with a thin-film PV semiconductor. Although there is always a part of the film that will be shaded, the company claims that energy production over a year compares favorably to flat modules.
Ener1 operates three companies, for lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, and nanotechnology. The company focuses on materials for hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in HEVs.
Hot2O Solar Water Heater DIY by FAFCO
A solar domestic hot water system by FAFCO that uses PEX tubing to transfer hot water from lightweight rooftop collectors to a storage tank upstream from your current water heater. A system controller controls the pump to ensure that water is not left in the collectors overnight or in freezing situations. Billed as the first system commercially available that can be installed by homeowners (check local codes).
Tangarie Alternative Power
American maker of GUS, a vertical axis wind turbine. take a close look at the claims on their product description.
SMA America
SMA makes inverters, including the Sunny Boy and Windy Boy.
SunPower Corporation - Home Page
Bergey Windpower Co., small wind turbines