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New Hampshire Energy Education Project
New Hampshire Energy Education Project offers Energy & Science Programming for New Hampshire Schools through teacher professional development, in-class workshops for students, and curriculum resource kits.
Watts-Ville K-3 interactive board game about energy conservation
Watts-Ville™ is an interactive life-size board game for grades K-3 that teaches students about energy efficiency and the importance of saving energy.
Energizing Physics
An introductory course in physics interwoven with lessons in energy and society.
Nico the Ninja—A ninja's quest to save energy provides a downloadable coloring and activity book about energy conservation and efficiency and renewable resources, with a guide for teachers.
Save Ohno is a gamified platform for climate change activism. 'Ohno' is a character that represents your great granddaughter, and it's up to you reshape her future by taking action in the real world. You dictate her future by starting and supporting petitions, protests, social media ad campaigns and other initiatives, donating to nonprofits, and contacting politicians - all on!'s energy literacy page collects, annotates, and organizes links for teaching science, technology, engineering, and math. They have a useful section on energy organized around the seven essential principles of energy literacy from the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Literacy framework.
Energy4Me--The Society of Petroleum Engineers
The Society of Petroleum Engineers provides information about energy for teachers to use. Energy4Me distributes educational materials about energy resources, developed by teachers, tested in classrooms. Energy4Me also provides speakers and web resources.
Target grants for educational field trips
The company Target offers up to $800 to 5000 schools each year for field trips. Registration closes in the early fall.
STEM Solar Lab — Energizing Students
The STEM Solar Lab is a 2kW grid-tied solar PV array for schools to use as a learning model for teachers and students. Accompanying curriculum is for grades 7-12. There is a focus on hands-on learning.
The Harnessed Atom | US Department of Energy
A curriculum extension from the United States Department of Energy, addressing nuclear science, technology, engineering, and math. The Harnessed Atom includes a student edition, a teacher's guide with lesson plans, standards, instructor notes, interactive games, classroom activities, laboratory experiments, and outside resource suggestions.
Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
CLEAN offers a email-discussion-list of educators, weekly teleconferences, and various resources for teaching about climate and energy science. The CLEAN Collection is a set of resources aligned with various American learning standards in science and related fields.
Haiku about energy
Energy Haiku
started July 2010;
to inspire students.

Anyone welcome.
Entries will be approved if
following guidelines.

Guidelines are simple:
Make it about energy;
try to keep it clean.
Teachers Goals at
This text serves as a repository for the kinds of questions we often encounter in consulting teachers. We try to provide inspiring answers to those questions.
Solar Learning Lab from Heliotronics
A STEM education portal that includes curriculum, training (video and webinar) an interactive forum for teachers using renewable education tools to connect, a gallery of renewable energy photos and much more.
US Navy Greenfleet Kids Corner
Activities on energy and environment for kindergarten through 5th grade.
Energy Literacy:Essential principles and fundamental concepts for energy education
This curriculum guide comes from the United States Global Change Research Program, Resource Library.
Energy Literacy: Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education presents energy concepts that, if understood and applied, will help individuals and communities make informed energy decisions.
Intended use of the document as a guide includes, but is not limited to, formal and informal energy education, standards development, curriculum design, assessment development, and educator trainings.
U Idaho National Biodiesel Education Program
Hosted by the University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, this program supports research into the technical issues of biofuels. They offer a curriculum for 4-H students or any students age 8-12.
Saturn Resource Management
Saturn Resource Management provides publications, curriculum, and online training for building performance professionals and trainers.
Their publications are for professionals, trainers, and operators/homeowners.
Lesson Planet -- Energy Technology
Lesson Planet is a hub for lesson plans in all K-12 subjects. They have a page within their technology theme for lessons related to energy technology. You can find teacher-reviewed lesson plans and worksheets there quickly and easily.
Power Sleuth
Curriculum for the state of Maine, four modules of activities, projects, video clips, links, and lesson plans. The modules are about lighting, heating, energy sources, and energy conservation and efficiency. Teacher workshops are available through the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance <a href=""></a> .
The Road Ahead from Discovery Education and GM
General Motors and Discovery Education have designed a series of lesson plans and activities to help you and your classroom explore how electricity is generated and stored and how it is poised to change how we live. Free lesson plans for elementary and middle school students. Includes focuses on battery technology, renewable and non-renewable energy.
Classroom and Lab Activities for Teaching about Energy
Great activities, mostly at the college level, for teaching about energy using skills in earth sciences and more.
The SHArK Project Solar Hydrogen Activity Research
A kit for high school and college learners to study oxide semiconductors as a partial solution to a global energy crisis. A chance for chemistry students to participate in current scientific research.
Renewable Energy Online Field Trips
Penn State University Erie has created this field trip you can take anytime, including questions, video, bibliographic references, and sustainable living tips.
WindWise Education
A curriculum for 6-12 grade education, including how wind power works, siting, wildlife issues, and more.
ATEEC Energy Resource Center
Curricula, activities, programs in the US, workshop materials, online discussions, workforce training information, and links for energy education.
Solar Cooking Engineering Lesson from E21
A lesson to compare possible combinations of materials for a box solar cooker. From Energy Education for the 21st Century, hosted by Penn State Public Broadcasting.
Facing the Future
Curriculum resources, including lesson units, for teachers interested in sustainability. Offers online courses with credits from Antioch University and The Heritage Institute for Washington and Oregon teachers. Their curriculum effectiveness is being well-studied.
KidWind Challenge
Annual event where students in middle school and high school design table-top wind turbines and bring them to compete with others from a geographical area. Like Junior Solar Sprint.
Lesson plans, training, ideas for teaching/learning about hydrogen and fuel cells. From the makers of KidWind.
Chimacum WA Junior Solar Sprint Curriculum
A thorough curriculum for investigating shoebox-size solar cars, with student worksheets, tools for organizing a race, and explanatory texts.
Junior Energy
A fundraising and educational program, allowing student teams to purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs at wholesale prices.
National Foundation for Energy Education
Offers workshops for teachers the physical science of energy. Also hosting the Great American Energy Debate in March, 2010. This event will start a ten-year effort to help American students understand issues, opinions, and facts pertaining to energy production and use.
Free Physics Instructional Software energy simulations
Windows and Mac software for experimenting with numbers in energy production and use, to get students thinking about sources and sinks of the energy.
Our Renewable Nation
One family will travel across the country, documenting their journey in a bio-fuel-powered car, hoping to inspire students and enthusiasts around the country. The family hopes to communicate with classrooms that track the journey. The web site includes many videos about renewable energy.
Cool Globes Education page
Cool Globes is a travelling visual exhibit explaining climate change mitigation. These lessons have students design their own cool globes and consider climate change and mitigation. The Pembina Institute
Student-centered project plans for working models using renewable energy. Also creator of a nation-wide (Canada) solar cooker challenge for students and teachers.
Connecticut Energy Education Lessons List
Several lesson plans for K-12, correlated to state standards, with a downloadable teacher guide and downloadable student guide.
Teacher Resources--Harvard Museum Natural History
Includes a 40-page guide to lessons on climate change, including a few activities.
Temperature Inside and Out lesson plan
This lesson was prepared at as a starting-point for a workshop on using HOBO data-logging devices to measure temperature. Students are asked questions to relate temperature observations to daily cycles and the weather. Students may also learn about insulation and building envelopes.
K-12 Energy Lesson Plans and Unit Ideas from EERE
The US Department of Energy, office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy offers 350 lessons on energy efficiency and renewable energy. They're organized by grade level and topic -- biomass, geothermal, fuel cells, ocean energy, solar power, transportation fuels, wind energy, and energy efficiency and conservation. Learn about passive solar buildings, advanced photovoltaics, or basic wind turbines. Take an energy awareness quiz. Estimate your carbon footprint; find ways to reduce it.
New York Science Teacher
Online directory of resources for educators in New York State, including lesson plans, multimedia, and links.
Digital resources for physics and astronomy education. A National Science Digital Library pathway.
KidWind Project, The
The KidWind Project trains middle school teachers to generate meaningful curriculum around designing and building effective, tabletop, electric wind turbines. KidWind offers workshops, kits, information, and ideas for teaching about wind energy. Its curriculum is excellent for teaching engineering design. KidWind can help you think of ways to get much of the materials donated from local hardware stores.
The Rahus Institute
Sells educational materials for solar energy. Runs Schoolhouse Institute, a workshop for educators, exploring solar resources and tools. HQ: Martinez, CA.
Energy Footprint 2.0
This web-based course introduces the student to ways to measure the sustainability of energy use as it impacts the biosphere, considering geographic differences.
Peltier Device--A Multi Purpose Engine
From the Innovative Curriculum Series of the Wright Center for Science Education at Tufts University.
Mrs. Brewster's Alternative Vehicle Assignment
A project for Beverly (MA) High School. Students research alternative vehicles in the context of improving the local economy with a new plant.
Youth Clean Energy patch program
Kids can show proof of their environmental action by wearing the Clean Green Power Champion patch which they earn for interviewing someone in solar, wind, or other clean energy field, and following up with their own project to spread the word about what they've learned. Special patch for Girl Scouts --patches FREE to Massachusetts youth; $5. to others. Download the web-linked resource guide full of activities, project ideas, and even a clean energy story for the youngest patch seekers.
Bonneville Power Authority's Curriculum Page
Internal and external curriculum guides for energy-education.
Tobin School Sustainable Energy Project
Students at Tobin School in Cambridge, MA collaborated with students in Yerevan, Armenia, to explore making their own energy sustainably.
Imagining Tomorrow
A short story contest, about alternative energy, piloting in MA for HS students.
Science Fair Projects in Solar Energy
TeachEngineering Digital Collection
Teach Engineering collects a library of lessons and units, several related to energy.
EisenhowerNationalClearinghouse Lessons
Air Terms Lesson Plans and Data
Igniting Creative Energy winner 2003
Successful activities from a second grade class.
EME - Science - Environmental - Software
I've used the Air Pollution and Water Pollution simulations. Excellent exercises in multiple variables and student-generated assumptions.
Energy Works Energy Education Project
Guide to Photovoltaic Unit
An idea from 1996 whose time has come. This concept has finally been carried out by NYSERDA.
Energy Quest - Energy Education from the Cali...
Online activities for youth in an interactive presentation.
Energize Chemistry With Electrical Energy Info
[From the author's description] This project is designed to allow students to explore different ways of generating electricity. They then transform their research into an infomercial made with iMovie.
SunWind Solar Energy Lessons
Education For A Sustainable Future ::
Planet Energy
NRC: Teachers' Lesson Plans
Radiation, Nuclear Reactors, Radioactive Waste, Transportation of Radioactive Materials.
Heliotronics sells turnkey educational monitoring and display systems for use with solar and wind generation. Check their "Educators" page.
to Save Energy
Solar Matters (FSEC)
A solar energy science unit for intermediate 4th through 8th grade teachers and students; FL Solar Energy Center.
Texas State Energy Conservation Office: Resources for teaching renewables with specific resources about Texas, like what mix of renewables makes most sense in each county.
Northfield Pumped Storage Facility- Northeast Utilities
Northeast Utilities operates this site and runs many environmental education activities on site. Click on "Newsletters" for more info.
Wind with Miller v3.0
The Wind: Our Fierce Friend
Welcome to The Science of Energy!
NSTA's pages of micro-units, explanations, diagrams, photos, and links.
Miami Museum of Science - The Atoms Family
Quick online lessons about energy. The site is cute, but shows a few errors and missing pieces.
Catching Sunshine (Grades 4-8)
How much can you make the air temperature inside a solar collector go up?
RRC: Alternative Energy Home
The Texas Railroad Commission controls oil and gas production. They will have a political agenda, but who doesn't? Just be aware. They offer many lesson plans with materials for testing and presentation.
Energy Whiz
MTC's Guide to Teaching Renewable Energy...
Energy for Keeps: Electricity from Renewable Energy
A book on renewable energy with recommendations from many teachers and librarians.
Virtual Labs and Simulations
Energy Budget activities from AAPT meetings
NSTA SciGuides
One SciGuide for 9-12 is about energy resources. It is available as an online guide for one year for about $5.
Project Learning Tree--Energy & Society Program
K-8 activity guide, music CD, etc.
National Grid's World of Energy
A site for students. Beware: Greenhouse gas activity can cause misconceptions. Much less propaganda than fuel industries.
Science Is Elementary
Museum Institute for Teaching Science offers a booklet of activities, Getting Physical with Energy and Motion.
Global Challenge Award
In the Global Challenge, teams of US high school students collaborate with international counterparts from October to May to address global climate change.
Environmental Science Activities for the 21st Cent
Activities in PDF for individuals and lab-teams to examine human impact on the environment, including several lessons on energy.
API's Oil and Natural Gas Education Site
Yes, the same API that you see on the bottle of motor oil.
Solar Now, Inc.
This site at Beverly High School in Beverly, MA offers tours of its solar and wind plant.
Ethanol Ed Modules
From Northwest Iowa Community College.

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