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Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
GLBRC offers workshops, classroom materials, and other resources to educators.
Greenwood Furnaces Wood Boilers and Biomass Boilers
Manufactures wood and biomass boilers and furnaces, from small residential systems to 3.5MBTU/hr commercial pellet-fired boilers.
SunGrant BioWeb
Information, mostly from participating research universities, about biofuels and non-food products from biomass. Learn about research in switchgrass, pyrolysis, ethanol, and other current topics.
Cornell Initiative for Sustainable Bioenergy Crops
The Cornell Initiative for Sustainable Bioenergy Crops (CISBC) is an organization whose aim is to provide a hub for Cornell plant scientists with interests in bioenergy research and sustainability. Also, the mission of the CISBC is to promote the development of effective long-term agroenergy cropping systems, which will require the collaboration of many plant science disciplines.
New York Biofuels Feedstock Project
A research project at Cornell U studies the viability of grasses and legumes for making gas, liquid, and solid fuels for heat and electricity.
A quick review of using local forests sustainably for heating homes, with links.
SOL Patrol
A solar and biodiesel-powered van that can be presented at events and schools.
Ethanol Ed Modules
From Northwest Iowa Community College.
Alternative Fuels Data Center: Vehicles
US DOE clearinghouse for info on alternative fuels.