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All About Glaciers
From the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation
With support from the National Science Foundation Climate Change Education Partnership program, NNOCCI's goal is to establish a national network of professionals who are skilled in communicating climate science to the American public.
Save Ohno is a gamified platform for climate change activism. 'Ohno' is a character that represents your great granddaughter, and it's up to you reshape her future by taking action in the real world. You dictate her future by starting and supporting petitions, protests, social media ad campaigns and other initiatives, donating to nonprofits, and contacting politicians - all on!
Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
CLEAN offers a email-discussion-list of educators, weekly teleconferences, and various resources for teaching about climate and energy science. The CLEAN Collection is a set of resources aligned with various American learning standards in science and related fields.
Climate Change in Focus, a video contest for US middle school students
A contest for middle-school students from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the National Environmental Education Foundation.
Online Models for Global Warming by David Archer
Useful, compact models made to accompany David Archer's textbook Global Warming:Understanding the forecast.
Energy Lab
Visitors try to manage primary energy sources to keep carbon dioxide emissions from skyrocketing in this simulation of the 21st century. As each decade goes by, users must choose how different sources grow or decline. Demand, carbon capture technologies, and efficiency are variable.
Clim'way online simulation
In french and english, a simulation to explore climate change mitigation policies. Students have 50 years of simulation to eliminate climate-change emissions.
Global Climate Change NASA Eyes on the Earth
Created in 2008, a portal to climate change science at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. Quick access to data and analyses.
Global Warming Climate Change Greenhouse Effect
Brimming with content, something like an encyclopedia of the science of climate change, along with many articles on engineering and technology.
Cool Globes Education page
Cool Globes is a travelling visual exhibit explaining climate change mitigation. These lessons have students design their own cool globes and consider climate change and mitigation.
Teacher Resources--Harvard Museum Natural History
Includes a 40-page guide to lessons on climate change, including a few activities. Global Warming Global Action Global Future
Advocacy for stabilizing concentration of greenhouse gases in atmosphere.
Natl Ctr for Atmos Research courses for teachers
Climate Discovery is a series of six- and seven-week courses for middle and high school educators. The course offerings include:
CD501: Introduction to Earth's Climate
CD502: Earth System Science: A Climate Change Perspective
CD503: Understanding Climate Change Today
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
Run by the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Try their FAQ page, which answers dozens of questions about carbon dioxide and earth systems. Site includes a replete glossary.
US EPA Climate Change Site
Links to EPA information about climate change, and a kids' page about climate change.
International Polar Year 2007-2008
Learn about real, polar science and ice.
National Geographic Global Warming show
A short slideshow of a simple explanation of anthropogenic global warming. It's called a simulation, but animation might be a better word.
Teachers Guide Climate Change and Global Warming
From Carnegie Mellon University, writings and links for educators, especially K-12.
Greenhouse Gases Mathematics Activities
Students are introduced to the different heat-trapping abilities of the major greenhouse gases. The students are challenged to build three-dimensional models illustrating this differing heat-trapping ability. In Activity 2, students keep an Energy Diary which includes a record of all the activities they engaged in, over a one-day period, requiring the use of electricity. They are then able to analyze this data to determine their total contribution to the CO2 in Earth's atmosphere as a result of their use of electricity for that day. In the final activity, students discover the CO2-absorbing ability of trees. Mathematics is used as a tool to help the students convince others to go out and plant a tree.
Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network
Clean Air - Cool Planet | Climate Change Solutions
Joins with companies, campuses, communities and science centers throughout the Northeast to help reduce their carbon emissions.
Connecticut's Cool It Climate Change Challenge
A contest for CT students to develop solutions to problems associated with Climate Change.
Don't worry about the error message about security, unless you're worried that the FBI is checking what sites you browse. Lots of scientists speak about how Defense is the only powerful part of government that gets climate change.
GCRIO - Ask Dr. Global Change
New England Science Center Collaborative
Promotes education about climate change. Lots of teaching tools available as links or their own materials.
NOAA Teachers Page
The Environmental Institute at UMass Amherst
TEI has sponsored a lecture-series on climate change.
Classroom Encounters
Interviews with global change scientists, produced by Rita Chang, an earth-science teacher at Wellesley HS, and Alan Fine
Recommended by RJ Anderson
Recommended by RJ Anderson