Beta Launches - Gamified Platform For Climate Activism

Submitted by Dylan Husted

Originally published: 2015-04-10 21:28:24

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BABSON PARK, Mass. (April 3rd, 2015) - SaveOhno Inc. has officially launched its platform for gamified climate change activism - The platform is in its beta testing phase but is open to the public. SaveOhno Inc. encourages anyone interested in tech, climate change and nonprofits to create an account, take action on the issue of climate change and send site feedback to

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the SaveOhno team worked hard to create what they promised — an all-encompassing climate change activism platform with a layer of gamification. "'Ohno' is a character that represents the site visitor's great granddaughter, and she is living far in the future, in a time seriously affected by the climate change caused from today," said SaveOhno founder Dylan Husted. When people visit, they see Ohno's town get destroyed by extreme weather. Then, it's up to them to rebuild it by taking action in the real world, through the platform. Through the process of rebuilding Ohno's town, users learn about climate change and sustainable energy infrastructure.

Ohno's town improves every time users participate in any of 5 core activities. They can:
Start and support petitions to drive legislation on fossil fuel divestment or renewable energy implementations.
Launch or join protests where people speak out against political inaction or corporate irresponsibility in person or on Twitter and Facebook.
Launch or contribute to crowdfundable social media ad campaigns to boost awareness of campaigns on SaveOhno, educate social media users on climate change, or advertise the social media pages and initiatives of SaveOhno and its partner organizations.
Contact political representatives to voice conerns on political inaction and climate change in general.
Start a 'Create Your Own' campaign that allows them to create any climate change initiative they want.
Donate, Facebook like, and Twitter follow SaveOhno and its partner organizations. currently has 6 partner organziations: 350 Massachusetts, Sustainable Wellesley, Babson Sustainability, Fossil Free Somerville, Climate Justice @ Boston College, and Sustainability at Wellesley College. SaveOhno strives to boost the effectiveness of these organizations by bringing more support to their initiatives through gamification. By tapping into the platform, these organizations can reach people they otherwise might not. Organizations can join this list by sending an inquiry to

Users can sign up for a SaveOhno account for free at <a href=""></a>.


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