International Solar Cooking Conference Advances the Global Movement

Submitted by Loretta Pehanich, Solar Cookers International
2017-02-15 22:44:33

The groundbreaking conference in India, a vital region of the world, featured:
*200+ participants
from every continent
*30 countries
*58 presentations
*5 high-caliber plenary and keynote speakers
*3 new international solar cooker gatherings announced
*2 new working groups

Subject experts came together and learned from one another.

Two new solar cookers of note: an industrial cooker that turns out more than 100 kg of fluffy rice every hour, and a household cooker that reaches temps of over 1,000 F. So powerful, in fact, the designers are working to decrease the power output. Solar cooking technologies have matured!

Janak McGilligan offers sample of solar cooked dish.
Janak McGilligan offers sample of solar cooked dish.
Photo credit:Charley Cross

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