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Final Awards Announced For 2014 Massachusetts Green Dollhouse Challenge

Susan Reyes, Tuesday April 15, 2014

Awards have been announced for the several entries in the 2014 Green Dollhouse Challenge in Greenfield Massachusetts. Also included is a message of gratitude to a long list of planners, volunteers, sponsors, and donors....Read the full story

Science And Sustainability Expo Spreads Educational Message In Mass.

Shawn Reeves, Monday March 31, 2014

The annual Science and Sustainability Expo in Greenfield, Massachusetts, was held on March 1, 2014. In a video, participants and organizers describe the benefits of presenting for the three components of the expo, the Green Dollhouse Challenge, the general sustainability exhibits, and the Kidwind Challenge....Read the full story

10 Colleges Selected For US Wind Competition

Emily Jorgensen, Monday March 24, 2014

A competition in Las Vegas in May, 2014, will aim to cultivate wind-specific interests and skills among the next generation of industry leaders, and will feature 10 teams of students who will design and construct lightweight, portable wind turbines intended to power small electronic devices....Read the full story

US Teachers Needed For Science-assessment Field Tests On Energy Topics

Cari Herrmann Abell, Thursday March 20, 2014

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, Project 2061, is recruiting elementary, middle, and high school science teachers to field test multiple-choice test items with their students this spring....Read the full story

Train To Become A Wind Education Expert This Summer

MIchael Arquin, Saturday March 08, 2014

KidWind will train another 30 educators to become WindSenators, people who will provide states with knowledgeable, experienced wind energy educators that can help others get the tools and information they need to teach the public about wind energy....Read the full story

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