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Virginia Schools And Museum Selected For Utility Solar Program

PR Newswire, Friday June 09, 2017

Five More Schools, Museum Selected for Dominion Energy Solar for Students Program. Solar for Students more than doubles in size with six new participants. Participants will receive solar panels and hands-on lessons in generating electricity from the sun. Builds on significant solar investment by the utility, with a dozen new solar projects underway in Virginia....Read the full story

US $10,000 Prize Offered For Gravity-powered Engineering

Dr. Theo Pruit, Thursday February 23, 2017

The INDRA institute, a think tank sponsored by Gravitational Systems Engineering Inc. of Alexandria Va, announces a $10,000 prize for the development of a gravity powered engine based upon, patent pending, vetted company designs....Read the full story

International Solar Cooking Conference Advances The Global Movement

Loretta Pehanich, Solar Cookers International, Wednesday February 15, 2017

The 6th SCI World Conference on solar cooking was held in India in January 2017. Results included new partnerships, new designs, new collaborations and renewed resolutions to promote solar cooking worldwide to decrease deforestation, improve human health and empower women....Read the full story

New England Schools Invited To Energy Challenge

Project Green Schools, Wednesday February 15, 2017

Schools across New England that enter the challenge will be asked to compete in energy reduction, waste reduction, water reduction, best green school practices, best green community practices, and best green sports practices. Awards will be given for each category....Read the full story

Rajasthan U Intern Seeks U.S. Mentor For Solar Thermal Research

Solar Cookers International, Saturday February 11, 2017

The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum offers a 3 – 6 month fellowship/internship to work in US in the field of solar energy. An applicant from Rajasthan University, Jaipur (India) seeks project mentor willing to provide guidance on any topic in solar thermal as part of this fellowship....Read the full story

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