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Date, Time. Location
2009-04-21, 4:30 PM. Second Life (Virtual World Online)
City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code
Etopia Island, Second Life
3 hours
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Note that the time given is in SLT, which is currently Pacific Daylight Savings Time (the same time as in San Francisco).
The sun shines 3 out of every 4 hours in Second Life, an online, virtual world where people get together for socializing, learning, and business. Membership is free, but participation requires computationally intensive software that runs only on more recent computers. Any 2008+ computer should be able to handle it, or a high end computer from 2006+.
To get an idea of what the world looks like, see our photo albums:
Etopia resident and physics teacher Solar Sierra will present his collection of solar cookers.