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Raymond, Martin S. and William L. Leffler
Oil and gas production in nontechnical language
Secondary Title (usually periodical title)
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Call Number
TN871 .L38 2006
622/.338 22
9781593700522 (hardcover)
Oil wells.
Gas wells.
Petroleum engineering.
Location Published
Tulsa, Okla.
PennWell Corporation
Date of Publication
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This book helps you understand how the oil and gas industry works, and ways people work in the industry, exploration, production, rights, processes, companies, and strategies.
Table of Contents:
List of Figures
1 How Did We Get Here? The History of Production; Oily Beginnings; A Case for Casing; More Fireworks; Underground Mysteries; Water, Water, Everywhere; Breathings of the Earth; Crisis and Reservoir Engineering; Horizontal Drilling; The Great Offshore
2 The Container: The Reservoir; Origin ; Down to Earth; Pangaea and the shifting plates; Transformation; Characterization; Rock of (various) ages; Going with the flow; Lithification; Spaces; Connecting the spaces; Distortion; Discovery; Finding the trap; Enter seismic
3 What's in the Container? The Prize; Determinants; Pressure; Temperature; Time; The Contents; Saltwater; Hydrocarbons: oil and gas; The Chemistry; Composition; Properties; Impurities; Fingerprints; The Origin of Hydrocarbons; Biogenic; Abiogenic
4 Yours, Mine, or Theirs? Ownership; Ownership; Royalties; Damages; Non-U.S. Rights; Bidding Process; Pooling; Nonparticipation; Nonconsent; Rewards; Unitization; Perpetuation and Termination
5 Getting There: Drilling; The Spring Pole; Cable Tool Drilling; Cable Tool Operations; Rotary Drilling; Rig Components; The derrick; The hoisting system; At the rig floor; Drill bits; Drilling Mud; The purpose of mud; The circulating system; Blowout Preventers; Other Features; Drilling Offshore; Platforms for drilling; At the seafloor; Compensators; Fixed platforms; Top Drives and Automation; The Course; Location, Location, Location
6 What Have We Found? Logging, Testing, and Completing; Logging; Mud logs; Open-hole logs; Induction logs; Saturation; Coring; Coring alternatives; Correlation Logs; Spontaneous potential; Gamma ray; Real Time; Directional and Horizontal Wells; Original Hydrocarbons in Place; Open-Hole Testing; Drillstem testing; Wireline drillstem tests; Completions; Solid or slotted; Cementing; Trees; Perforating; Gravel Packing; Stimulation; Cased-Hole Logging and Measuring Devices
7 Behavior: Hydrocarbon Activity in the Reservoir; Phases; Phase Diagrams; Reservoir Fluid Categories; Using Phase Diagrams; Black oil; Volatile oil; Retrograde gas; Wet gas; Dry gas; Gas Wells versus Oil Wells; Shrinkage; Solution Gas-Oil Ratio; Relative Permeability
8 Here It Comes: Production; The Motivating Force; Drive Mechanisms; Producing Phases; Primary Production ; Natural flow; Artificial lift; Secondary Recovery; Pressure Maintenance and Waterflooding; Injectivity; Makeup water; Sweep efficiency; Tertiary Recovery; Fire floods; Steam floods; Enhanced versus tertiary; CO2 injection
9 Making It Marketable: Field Processing; Some of the Parts; Gas Treating; Acid gas; Water
Oil Treating; Heater treater; Free-water knockout vessel; Electrostatic heater treater; Demulsifying agents; Water Disposal; Testing; Measurement and Metering; Gas metering; Oil metering; Storage
10 Fixing Things: Remedial Operations and Workovers; Decision Making; Workover Rigs; Coiled Tubing; Subsea Completions; Well Problems; Mechanical failures; Water production; Coning; Plugging; Well Stimulation; Acidizing; Fracturing; Changing Production Intervals; Abandonment
11 Who's Involved? The Players; The Companies; Size; Composition; The People; Geologists; Engineers; Engineering titles; Geophysicist; Operations staff; The Suppliers
12 What Should We Do? Strategy; Identity; A Strategy Model; Assessing Competencies; Strategy Implementation