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Guide to field trips featuring energy production and use

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About this guide

This is a directory of 261 sites and events that provide students with meaningful experiences and expose them to innovative and/or historical examples of science, technology, and engineering (STE). We focus on energy, so have a lot of power plants, but we also have buildings, historical sites, parks, and other places where notable technology, energy or otherwise, are in evidence. We provide you with as much detail as available for planning trips, including hours, appropriate ages, appropriate contact information, and location. Since your students might be missing multiple classes to attend a trip, we also try to provide information about attributes relevant to non-STE subjects, such as history, language, and art. 🎒

Classic printed guide

A special publication, Learning about Energy with Field Trips, June 2007, highlights trips in and around Massachusetts, especially sites with multiple functions and with educational missions. You can download a copy of the 32 page guide or you may request a copy from us (limited availability): (PDF, 1.58MB) SOME ENTRIES MAY BE OUT OF DATE IN PDF; PLEASE USE THE ONLINE DATABASE ABOVE FOR NEWER INFORMATION.

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