Latest news about hydrogen fuel cells

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Latest news about hydrogen fuel cells

Post by omar »

I think keeping up on energy alternatives is important for our environment. This is a news source and Its really helps me understand new innovations and the pros and cons of alternative energy sources, if any of you know any other source why not you share here…

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H2 Daily

Post by shawn »

I checked out Omar's suggestion. The site does aggregate news about hydrogen and fuel cells, including a gem about a DOE grant for energy ed in South Carolina. Turns out the US DOE is giving these SC hydrogen stakeholders money to lobby for hydrogen in the state legislature, though the headline makes it sound like it's education in general. A bit of letting the fox guard the henhouse.
I also found that "Written by H2 Daily Staff" can mean just mixing together paragraphs from two press releases from another company.
I will be more careful here at to give credit on news stories. If we republish a press release, I will set the article's listed author to be the originating organization, not us.

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Information on Hydrogen Fuel cells

Post by davebarnes04 »

This post is a bit old but anyone looking for some great information and activities for the classroom revolving around fuel cell technology check out this issue of the CoolStuff Newsletter from Arbor Scientific on Fuel Cells:

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