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Peabody HS Solar Thermal bathroom, travelling demo

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 3:36 pm
by shawn
Jim Prato at Peabody (MA) High School sent me this note about a solar thermal project last schoolyear:
Here is a follow up on what we did at Peabody High, where I teach physics and an engineering and design class.
My students built 4 solar panels, each 2'x4', on a trailer which will be taken around to the various elementary schools this year. With grant money from the museum of science, the local electric power company, and a community based group and a lot of donated time and equipment, we were able to accomplish this. This was actually a prototype for the full size panels which are now on the school roof.
The plan was to hook up the heated water to the existing school supply at the cold water intake, but we had logistical problems so we hooked it up to a nearby bathroom.
It's in a great location, on a roof surrounded by 6 classrooms, so that students and anyone else can visualize what is going on. Temperatures will be monitored on a regular basis, etc.
We accomplished this with my engineering & design class, juniors and seniors. They loved the course and this year we hope to do PV and a windmill.
Hope this is enough to help spread the word and I hope more schools will do the same.
[Jim won an award from ING Financial Services' Unsung Heroes foundation for this year's work with wind turbines.]