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Contribute to the Field Trip Guide, or benefit from it...

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 8:21 pm
by shawn
During the school-year 2005-2006, we are writing a guide to field trips to sites or events featuring renewable energy, wise use of energy, or producing energy. Please contribute to this forum if you have ideas for field trips to energy sites. If you have been to such sites with your students, or would like to take your students to sites, contact me to exchange ideas or post them in this forum.

Re: Contribute to the Field Trip Guide, or benefit from it..

Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 3:38 pm
by shawn
We posted a challenge, copied below, on and Dawn A. was the first volunteer to provide an interesting field trip in New Jersey.
Find field trips about energy for students provides educators with a database of hundreds of sites where they can take their students to learn about energy resources and use. Sites include power plants, efficient home tours, nature centers, businesses, municipal facilities, and more.
The best sites combine ideas from across the curriculum. For example, Saugus Iron Works in Massachusetts is a national park with interesting history as well as information about an age-old biofuels rush to feed the furnaces there. Student visitors learn about energy, history, nature, and civic pride.
Volunteers make phone calls and internet searches to find out where sites are (even latitude and longitude if possible), who to contact to make arrangements, what age and time restrictions there might be, what it costs to visit, what internet resources there might be, take photos if possible, then they e-mail that information to (substitute our email address).
Sites can be anywhere in the world, since teachers from all over the world are looking on our site for help.
You can see examples of the kinds of information we gather about sites in our guide: