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Who are, MTC, Shawn, Spoon?

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 9:10 pm
by shawn
Conceived February 2004 by Shawn Reeves (see below), to address needs and change in science curriculum, and to advocate the addition of rigorous curriculum relevant to contemporary issues in society.
Incorporated as a nonprofit corporation, November, 2004, by three science teachers in Massachusetts. We are a public charity for the purpose of education, IRS 501(c)(3).
The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative administers the Renewable Energy Trust, funded by utility-ratepayers to revitalize the economy and hasten the benefits of a new and sustainable industry, renewable energy.
Shawn Reeves
I'm a physics teacher, an active member of the American Association of Physics Teachers. I study curriculum change, looking to change the gender-biased cultural marks on physics and engineering. I taught for six years at a fine public school, Coalition School for Social Change in NYC, also one year in Poland at a private school. I live and work in West Newton, MA. Here's my explanation of why we educators need to create and to pursue networks of ourselves:
If you are a teacher, you are not paid to contribute and share with other teachers outside your district; but I think it behooves us all to use the internet (and other networks) to the greatest extent possible to share and to avoid the yearly re-invention of the wheel that wastes our professional time and effort.
Spoon is our cat.