Building Energy 2007
Shawn Reeves

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Well-attended Public Forum Preview of auction items dozens of exhibits on several aisles BIPV expert Flyers
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Beautiful solar thermal unit HOBO products display HOBO rep discusses solutions Solera and HOBO posters Wind turbine
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Solar panel mounters Yestermorrow School display WalMart products MIT Solar Decathlon Power factor corrector
buildingenergy2007_15 buildingenergy2007_16 buildingenergy2007_17 buildingenergy2007_18 buildingenergy2007_19
Fiberglass window frame Fiberglass window frame display Solar tracking (heliostatic) skylights Portable PV IBEW and NECA
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Solar thermal and Interfaith Power and Light Insulation blob seems innocent enough Publisher New York State info Realtime IR images of attendees
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Solar thermal absorbers Thermal exchanger Cotuit Solar Alternate Energy display Solectria
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Westborough Toyota, Hybrid Center of NE Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Melting ice-sculpture SolarWave system monitor Ice keeps melting...
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Thermal imaging workshop Workshop attendees viewing thermal image showing collapsed double-panes MIT Solar car team Dragin Geothermal Auction begins
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NESEA Pres. David Barclay Solar celebrity Steven Strong Conference manager Sandy Thomas Auctioned robe sold Livingston Taylor entertains