an energy dream

i dream big at times.
i fill up at the station
when i am a drone.

i choke while sleeping
the air quality so full
of small particles

i dream of drowning
can i get to the surface
before I need breath?

it is pollution 
causes asthma and makes my
life so hard these days

i have to move now
this city is so dirty
worst in the country

i watch daily charts
showing A.Q.I data

helpful don't you think,
air quality index is?
i stay inside now

and on days above
fifty i stay in side too
like a prisoner

I am not free so
long as I must stay inside
like a rat in cage

I want air to smell
like tulips in the springtime
why not more alt fuels?

solar power is 
one such solution. others 
are plentiful too.

time for a new way
to think bigger for our kids
will thank us in time

or have to dream of
clean air in their dreams versus
staying in their home

on a computer
i must tell someone how i 
suffer from cabin

fever all year long
due to the air quality
i dream of clean air

i don't want to drown
in oxygen poor breathing
i dream of clean air

big pharma does not 
care if i choke each day and
take inhaler too

big oils also does not
care if i choke each day and
have to buy their fuel

big banks also do not
have time to think much today
about the small people

too much money to
make now and why fund clean air
projects requiring

thinking and risk tak(e)-
-ing that lead to better air?
old way is sure way

to make money is then
the aim of most to make cash
or even income

what of the outcome?
and ramifications
of not doing things

to planet improve
like planting blue spruces
telecommute from your home.

the time for change will
be when the banks can take the
ideas and make money

why will we give the 
ideas to the banks when they now
fund big oil as well

has a bank been made
to create new energy
projects and would it

possibly survive
when even this website here
is funded by banks?

i had an idea that
works to clean the world and it
creates many a jobs.

the bank did not even
try to grasp technology
proven even still.

will the U.S.A
rise to become a leader?
or fail and let others

continue develop-
-ing energy policy
for us to envy ?

our air quality 
is worse and worse.  energy
dreams tell me so much.

i do not know the 
solution to this problem
i just know outcome.

what can we do to
make the world a better place?
an energy dream 

shared for you to think
what will our kids do and when
how do we help them?

—anonymous, 2010-07-28 11:58:14

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