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Energy Heats Maine

Are you an upper elementary or middle school teacher looking for new ways to engage your students in energy topics? Do you struggle in designing your own instructional units using activities from a variety of sources? Would you like to teach energy concepts using a coherent set of field-tested, inquiry-based materials? Introducing PowerSleuth ( ), a series of “energy neutral” standards-based curriculum units made up of 9 lessons that follow a conceptual storyline around energy topics. Developed by the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance in conjunction with the Maine Public Utilities Commission, PowerSleuth consists of themed instructional units for three grade spans: Energy Lights Maine for Grades 4-5, Energy Heats Maine for Grades 6-7, and Energy for Maine (in development) for Grades 7-8.
Teachers in Grades 6 and 7 are invited to join MMSA staff for a one-day workshop to experience the lessons in the Energy Heats Maine (EHM) curriculum. The EHM module develops students’ understanding of heat and thermal energy, including how heat transfers and explores mechanisms of transfer and conservation. Teachers may preview the lessons at the curriculum’s companion website At this workshop, participants will receive a copy of the EHM curriculum, a $100 materials voucher that can be used to purchase the hands-on supplies teachers need to carry out the curriculum, and schools will be reimbursed for their substitutes. A light breakfast and lunch are included.

Intended audience
Teachers Grades 6-7
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08:30 AM to 03:00 PM, 2009-10-22
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