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4th Annual Darrow School Sustainability Symposium

Darrow's annual Sustainability Symposium brings together students and teachers from regional middle and high school green teams to learn about and discuss topics in sustainability, both local and global, with professional engineers, educators, diplomats, chefs, farmers, filmmakers, architects, spiritual leaders, health and wellness professionals, and more. The goal of the day is for participants to emerge with information, contacts, and strategies that they can return with and apply to their own education and work.

Last year's event drew 70 visitors and was the subject of a feature in the Hudson Register-Star.

While at the Darrow School sustainability shows up in all classes and in all departments, it does not appear the same in each of these venues. For some departments, integration of sustainability is environmental, while other classes explore it in a political, economic, or social context. Some classes look at global issues, while others consider local issues. The combination of views offers students and teachers the opportunity to make sustainability real and sensible.

The Darrow School's facilities, which include 22 National Historic Landmark buildings, as well as newer, state-of-the-art buildings incorporating sustainable designs and features, provide opportunities to apply an environmentally conscious approach to our surroundings. The Living Machine™ and the Samson Environmental Center are the most visible embodiments of Darrow's commitment to sustainability.

The DS3 is free and open to the public, especially high school and middle school green teams. Space is limited so please contact Geoff Miller, Director of Special Events early at 518.794.6555,

Intended audience
Gr 6-12 Educators & Students (Green Teams)
Date and time
12:00 AM to 12:00 AM, 2012-04-24
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