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Kansas Kidwind

Looking for a great way to provide students with STEM-related hands-on classroom activities that correlate with the Next Generation Science Standards? Want to help students see the application of classroom activities to the real world? Featuring information not available in any textbook, this workshop will be part environmental science, physics, economics and politics all focused on one of the most important topics around us today…meeting the ever-growing demand for electricity!
Dig deeper into the wind and introduce your students to the fastest growing energy resource in the world!
This workshop will introduce teachers in grades 4-12 to the science, technology, engineering, and politics behind wind energy and will provide a rare opportunity for teachers to learn from industry experts. Taking the time to share up-to-date, real-world information are:
Don Ford – Project Manager, Major Construction Projects – Westar Energy
Marc Woods – Project Manager, Post Rock Wind Farm – Ellsworth, KS
Dorothy Barnett – Executive Director – Climate + Energy Project
Grain Belt Express team representative (either in person or via Skype)
(afternoon) Get a behind the scenes tour of the Siemens nacelle factory!
Why study wind in the classroom?
Very affordable
Gets students “doing” science!
It’s FUN!

Date and time
08:30 AM to 03:30 PM, 2014-02-03
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