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Kids Get It: Exploring Energy K-3 Webinar Series

About this webinar series: This webinar series will provide basic information and engaging activities for Grades K-3 on energy sources, energy conservation and careers in the energy field. There are six one-hour webinars in the series. Each webinar overs energy basics and energy conservation. A certificate of attendance will be given to each participant. Pennsylvania teachers will receive Act 48 credit if three or more webinars are attended.

Objectives: Teachers will be able to
•deliver engaging lessons on how energy is created and stored.
•demonstrate to students the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy source.
•show students how to use energy wisely.
•discuss future career opportunities in the energy field.

Instead of registering for each webinar individually, you can purchase all six webinars in one bundle. Cost is $199, a 15% savings. After payment is received, we will email you directions to access each webinar.

Intended audience
K-3 Classroom Teachers
Date and time
2014-02-26 03:30 PM to 2014-04-02 04:30 PM
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