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Modeling Solar Designs with Energy3D

Cost: Free!
Facilitators: Joyce Massicotte from the Concord Consortium and VEEP staff

Want to solarize your home or your school? Energy3D can do that. What to compare the annual yield of a variety of photovoltaic array designs? Energy3D can do that too!

Here’s what the developers say about this fascinating software:

“Energy3D is a simulation-based engineering tool for designing green buildings and power stations that harness renewable energy to achieve sustainable development. Users can quickly sketch up a realistic-looking structure or import one from an existing CAD file, superimpose it on a map image, and then evaluate its energy performance for any given day and location. Based on computational physics and weather data, Energy3D can rapidly generate time graphs and heat maps for in-depth analyses. At the end of the design, Energy3D allows users to print it out, cut out the pieces, and use them to assemble a physical scale model. Energy3D has been primarily developed to provide a simulated environment for engineering design (SEED) to support science and engineering education and training from middle schools to graduate schools. “
Joyce Massicotte of the Concord Consortium will show teachers, educators, and VEEP staff how to use this powerful software with your students. Check out the software at

Intended audience
Middle and high school teachers, as well as educators who work with college- and adult-level learners
Date and time
09:00 AM to 02:00 PM, 2018-05-29
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