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Global STEM Series field trip to Costa Rica

On this 11-day expedition, explore glorious national parks and private reserves and learn from the naturalists and conservationists who are stewards of this remarkable realm. Join your peers in the field and learn about ongoing research and conservation efforts. Costa Rica offers a discovery in science education through a comprehensive exploration of the country.
Energy educators will be especially interested in this part: Discuss real-world scientific dilemmas, spanning hydro-electric dam impacts to the effects of climate change in tropical systems and biodiversity management.
Trip led by Page Keeley & Joyce Tugel:
Page Keeley and Joyce Tugel are nationally known leaders in STEM education and professional development. As former colleagues at the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, they provide professional development to school districts and projects throughout the U.S. and are frequent speakers at national conferences. Both are recipients of several national awards and Keeley’s numerous science and mathematics publications (included two books co-authored with Tugel) are used in schools and universities throughout the U.S. and internationally. Both have served as Board members of the National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA) and National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Keeley served as the 63rd President of NSTA.

Intended audience
administrators and educators in science education
Date and time
2019-07-20 to 2019-07-30
Web link
San José
Costa Rica

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