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2019 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities & Campuses Conference

These conferences offer best practices, explore trends, promote resources and network people to advance sustainability in communities and on campuses. Participants include government, grassroots, business and education experts and learners.
This year's affordable conference will include four walking tours, exhibitors, and presentations. Presenters will share best practices, projects, trends and resources to advance sustainable development in communities and/or campuses. Topics include but are not limited to advancing sustainable development in energy, food, buildings, transportation, water, pollution prevention, transportation, management, social justice, health, land use, sustainable lifestyles, and topics of their choice.

Intended audience
Municipal and state officials, higher ed and K-12 staff faculty and students, business owners, non-profit leaders, everyone interested in sustainability
Date and time
08:00 AM to 04:00 PM, 2019-03-29
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