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MIT Energy Conference

The MIT Energy Conference is an annual student-run conference that brings together leaders in the fields of technology, policy, industry, and finance to develop solutions for the world’s most pressing energy challenges.
The 2021 MIT Energy Conference will be held virtually over the innovative platforms, Hopin and Toucan.
"Dive into the critical decisions the US energy industry is making to drive a cleaner energy future. We bring you the 2021 MIT Energy Conference via the innovative Hopin platform, where you will interact with energy leaders making high-stakes decisions that will drastically improve the energy landscape over the next 30 years."
"We’re excited to feature high-profile keynote speakers such as:
Michael Skelly: US wind pioneer and protagonist of the book, Superpower
Emily Kirsch: Founder and CEO of Powerhouse and Managing Partner of Powerhouse Ventures
Andy Karsner: Leading corporate innovation strategist, energy entrepreneur, policymaker, and regulator
And, key panels such as:
The Fossil Transition: Internal Change vs External Pressure
Trends in Renewable Development: State of the Market
Stranded Assets: Utility Approaches to New Assets in the Age of Decarbonization
Private vs. Public: Financing New Energy Tech
Transforming Business Models: Corporate Governance and Climate Planning"

Intended audience
Professionals, students, educators, and analysts
Date and time
2021-03-10 to 2021-03-12
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