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Science of Massachusetts curriculum presentation

You are invited to come learn about Mass Audubon Education’s new Science of Massachusetts curriculum!

Science of Massachusetts is a multi-week curriculum that will engage your students in exciting, hands-on, nature-based science whether they are at home, in a nearby park, or in their schoolyard with you. This is a wonderful way to help your students get outside for a healthy dose of nature, even when field trips or in-person learning are not possible.

The curriculum includes, among other units, a unit for grades 3-5: Energy on Earth • 6 lessons:
Join Mass Audubon educators as we learn how energy from the sun powers life on Earth, both living processes and the technologies we use to power our communities. Each lesson explores one aspect of the energy cycle within biotic and abiotic systems; including photosynthesis, consumers, decomposers, renewable, and non-renewable energies.
Energy on Earth lessons include an outdoor field journaling assignment (with an indoor alternative for those who cannot go outside) and an opportunity for students to share and deepen their understanding of these topics through discussion and reflection. Lessons are designed to be completed over 6 weeks, but can be fit into any existing schedule.

For more information on the curriculum's other units:

Intended audience
Massachusetts K-5 educators
Date and time
04:00 PM to 05:00 PM, 2021-04-08
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