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What we do

EnergyTeachers helps teachers add topics in energy use and production to their curriculum. A teacher can use the website to explore ideas in curriculum development; or, a teacher can contact us to set up a meeting to go over the myriad resources EnergyTeachers has accumulated. Far better than the results of a Google-search, this site's content, made by teachers, is structured to answer all the needs of a teacher, going beyond random, unconnected lesson plans.

If you need anything, just contact us, and we can visit your planning meeting if you're in New England, or we can point you to a better resource. Check out our non-profit store at http://www.cafepress.com/EnergyTeachers(opens in a new window); all proceeds go to support our library. When you're done there, you can return easily here by clicking on Energy Teachers in the shopkeeper's bio.

Our Website

Our site is open to contributions from the public; since ETO does not necessarily control all content on the site, and certainly not all the content in the external links, you should read the disclaimer. Click on a button above to navigate to one of the following sections:

Our Services
This Page. It describes the website and what else we have to offer to teachers/planners.
Our Mission
An outline of the goals we serve.
Teachers' Goals (Ideas for planning your entire curriculum)
This is the most useful section of our site. Curricular objectives are classified, and each objective is accompanied by a brief description and links to useful resources which serve that objective. If you're looking for an idea for a research paper assignment, a way to work with other schools, or opinions on the coal industry, check Teachers' Goals. Any teacher could find lesson plans with a simple search of Google, so this site strives to offer something more structured that makes us think about our entire curriculum.
Books teachers may find useful. Entries include abstracts, notes, and call letters from the Library of Congress. Many of these books are part of our library for teachers to borrow; search for the phrase "in EnergyTeachers' library" in the notes.
Calendar (Opens in a new window)
A calendar of relevant events in the Northeast, in an interactive format. Click on a link there for more info. Events are spelled out in their entirety at the bottom. If you'd like to subscribe to it as an iCalendar, click here. Yes, there are conferences for teachers interested in energy.
Well organized, annotated links to all of the sites on the World Wide Web that EnergyTeachers uses. Contact us if you find that we're missing any or some don't work. Once a month we remove broken links.
This is where users can read about other teachers ideas and offer feedback and suggestions to either the organizers or the community at large.
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Contact us

Currently, the best way to reach us is by e-mail: info@energyteachers.org

If you don't have e-mail service, call Shawn at 917-653-4342 or click the Submit a note link below.

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