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Last modified 2009-05-29 09:30:10
A few useful pieces of content and a links list for renewable energy. Beware the plagiarism.
Geothermal Education Office
Last modified 2006-11-21 09:22:22
Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, Inc.
Last modified 2006-11-21 09:22:22
Heatspring Learning Institute
Last modified 2009-02-16 18:28:10
Courses for renewable energy installers, and an email newsletter announcing courses and opportunities. Participants may earn a certificate and thus listing on Heatspring's web site.
Natural Energy Sources, Clean Energy Ideas
Last modified 2007-10-26 17:34:04
This is a broad informational site about solar, geothermal, wind, and other energy technologies. The site is also gathering links to installers in several countries.
Renewable Energy World-RE News and Information
Last modified 2012-08-08 10:14:18
News, blogs, podcasts, and opinions about the renewable energy industry. Formerly
Renewable Resource Data Center
Last modified 2007-05-31 06:37:30
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory maintains sets of data on renewable resources, e.g. sunlight falling on the US in a 10km-resolution grid.