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Assoc Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Ed
Learn about what college campuses are doing with sustainability: curriculum, renewable energy, tracking sustainability efforts, professional development, conferences, etc.
Build Green Schools by the USGBC
U.S. Green Building Council offers this web site about school buildings made green from the start. They define green as "a school building or facility that creates a healthy environment that is conducive to learning while saving energy, resources and money."
Collegiate Energy Association
The Collegiate Energy Association is a global student community that connects university-based energy clubs to their colleagues around the world so that they may learn from each other and form collaborative partnerships on energy issues.
In the Announcements section, associated clubs list interesting events, including academic reviews, presentations by industry experts, and conferences.
DOE Building Technologies Program: Schools
Learn about how the US DOE supports solving efficiency problems at schools.
Earth Team
A network of school environmental teams, with tools for getting new groups started and finding projects and collaborations.
Empower Playgrounds
Empower runs multiple projects in Ghana where students power electric generators attached to their zip-lines and merry-go-rounds on their playground.
Energy series
Engineers for a Sustainable World Cornell Chapter
A student group interested in sustainable technologies and engineering ideas.
Green Campus Consortium of Maine
Green Is Sexy
Megan, Didi, and Rachel McAdams started a site trumpeting various ideas for greening consumer-life and serving the community.
Green Prize in Public Education
Introduced in 2011, The National Environmental Education Foundation, with major support from the NEA Foundation and in partnership with EarthEcho International, will recognize and celebrate an outstanding K-12 public school that has successfully taken on the challenge of becoming a green school through the Green Prize in Public Education.
Green School Alliance
Organizes programs where schools around the world help each other go green, including a renewable energy purchasing program.
Green Schools Project--Alliance to Save Energy
The Green Schools Program of the Alliance to Save Energy engages students in creating energy-saving activities in their schools, using hands-on, real-world projects.
Increase Your Green
A campaign to support student efforts at greening schools, sponsored in 2008 by National Grid Foundation. Student groups should register by the end of September.
Institute for Sustainable Energy
Kalwall Corporation--Translucent walls
This company builds translucent walls for reducing energy costs for lighting during the day, one of schools' most obvious waste, since school meets during the day.
Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools
KGHS helps make public and private schools a learning laboratory for students. Student-centered Green Teams work together to improve the school facilities in nine different categories, including energy.
Light Boss for dimming and controlling HID lamps
Schools that can't afford to replace high intensity discharge lamps (common in gyms and parking lots) may be able to afford this new technology that can dim HID lamps, saving energy and prolonging bulb life. The system can also integrate motion/occupancy detectors and timing schedules.
New York State Focus on Colleges and Universities
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) began this program in 2009 to help campuses implement energy efficiency measures, with funding.
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
NEEP promulgates "High Performance Schools," schools that are energy efficient, safe, clean, and well lit.
Project Laundry List - The Clothesline Plan
Through student work on campuses, the Clothesline Plan advocates saving energy by washing and drying smarter. A PowerPoint presentation about clothes-washing and energy is available.
Rebuild America - Energy Smart Schools
REpowering Schools
An organization connecting schools and the renewable power industry to help develop skills for the future U.S. workforce.
REpowering Schools took custody of the Wind for Schools project started by the Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory, coordinating the installation of wind turbines at school for educational purposes.
Rhode Island Solar Schools
Links to information about several schools in Rhode Island with solar applications.
Students for Solar Schools
A student-run organization linking student leaders and campus environmental groups with the common goal of advocating for solar panels on schools. Visitors and members can read inspiring stories of how students are bringing solar power to their school districts.
Syracuse University & SUNY ESF Green Library Page
A broad survey of efforts at sustainability, particularly in energy use, recycling, and waste-reduction, at this library and others.
The Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence
The mission of the C2E2 is to support the continued improvement of environmental performance in higher education through environmental professional networking, information exchange, the development of professional resources and tools, and the advancement of innovative regulatory models. Environmental performance includes campus regulatory compliance, environmental management, and sustainability initiatives.
The Campus Sustainability Assessment Project
The Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF)
The Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) was founded in 2003 on the principle that education for sustainability is essential for today’s K-12 students. CELF has helped whole school districts train their teachers to integrate sustainability into their curriculum, sometimes as part of an energy performance contract.
The Foundation for Environmental Education
The Foundation supports the Energy Seeds blog and several statewide solar-on-school programs.
The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes
Find out how to nominate a student (8-18 years) for their service to the planet.
ULSF | University Leaders For A Sustainable F...
Welcome to the Center for Green Chemistry @ U...
Wilson Ed - Education about how to save energy
Wilson Educational Services runs programs for k-12 school ranging from one-day energy activities to 10 day intensive audits run by students.
Winchester Massachusetts Solar Challenge
Read how this community earned matching funds for solar panels on its schools.

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