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American Elements fuel cell technical information
This information page focuses on the elemental materials used in fuel cell components. It describes doped metals and semiconductors used in electrodes, combinations used in electrolytes, and a long paragraph on each element presented in the periodic table. Also included is technical information on those materials in the forms they supply as products. The website describes the research and industrial uses of each of the elements, as well as over 200 nanoparticles and isotopes, which are discussed and characterized with applications.
Build your own science fair type electrolysis...
ClearEdge Power
A hydrogen fuel cell company on the west coast of the US. Has served school districts.
EERE: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure...
This section of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy agency of the US DOE covers a lot of current topics in H2 technology and scientific research.
Fuel Cell Markets
A portal to information and industry entities in the world of fuel cells. Includes a calendar of events world-wide about fuel cells and hydrogen. Based in the United Kingdom. A very large directory of organizations and corporations in the industry, including in education.
Fuel Cell Today - Images, Media, History and ...
Here your students can find resources for research and presentation of fuel cell tech: Images of hot prototype cars, a press kit, bibliography...
Fuel Cell Today - Opening doors to fuel cells...
Fuel Cells 2000's Index Page - English (index...
FuelCell Energy: Home
GM - GMability Education K-4: Energy -- What ...
H-Tech, The Hydrogen Company
Sells educational materials, like the cute hydrogen fuel cell car, along with consumer and industrial fuel cell products. - Hydrogen Energy Learning Program
Horizon Educational
Horizon produces a variety of science kits and open fuel source applications for teaching alternative/renewable energy. Their materials take a more hands-on approach to learning STEM related topics, with kits covering renewable energy subjects such as wind, fuel cell, solar, thermal, and bio-energy.
Horizon Fuel Cell
Horizon provides kits and curriculum for fuel cells and renewable energy.
Hydro Research Foundation
Education arm of hydropower companies. Nice set of lessons on hydrology, including concept mapping, design, more.
Hydrogen Student Design Contest
In this contest, teams are challenged to design an energy efficient building that utilizes hydrogen produced from renewable sources for its as much of its energy needs as feasible.
Lesson plans, training, ideas for teaching/learning about hydrogen and fuel cells. From the makers of KidWind.
Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition
Look here for links to the hydrogen industry in MA. Also working with academia.
National Fuel Cell Education Program
Includes a middle school curriculum unit on hydrogen.
National Hydrogen Association
Association of stakeholders in hydrogen as fuel. Annual meetings, job postings, policy work.
New Clermont Project
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students blog about piloting a boat they refurbished with a hydrogen-powered fuel cell and electric motor, starting in Manhattan and ending in Troy, where RPI is. The students explain they are following Robert Fulton's tracks, the same Fulton that 200 years ago plied the same waters with the first steam boat.
South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance
An organization of stakeholders in hydrogen and fuel cell research, industry, policy, and education.
Founded in January 2006, the Alliance was created by six core institutions and organizations devoted to hydrogen and fuel cell initiatives: The Center for Hydrogen Research, Clemson University, Savannah River National Laboratory, The South Carolina Department of Commerce, South Carolina State University, and the University of South Carolina.
Stuart Energy the hydrogen fuel company
The Hythane Company
Hythane is a company that converts cars to run on a 20-80 mix of hydrogen and natural gas (mostly methane, which is four atoms of hydrogen and one of carbon).
The SHArK Project Solar Hydrogen Activity Research
A kit for high school and college learners to study oxide semiconductors as a partial solution to a global energy crisis. A chance for chemistry students to participate in current scientific research.
If you can read chinese, this site looks interesting, linking to diverse transportation technologies.
United Nuclear - Hydrogen Fuel Systems
WPI Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit - Presentations
This agenda includes live links to some of the presentations on Fuel Cells at this interesting summit on fuel cells and hydrogen.