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Ciralight Natural Lighting
Ciralight manufactures a tube with reflectors that track the sun and reflect light down into a space.
CRS Electronics
Interesting LED lighting products for offices and school buses.
Daylighting Collaborative
An informational and training organization for builders and designers interested in daylighting.
LED products that fit in various common sockets, including grow lamps (plants mostly need just red and blue light) and LED modules that replace halogen task lamps.
HEM November/December 1994 - Home Energy Maga...
Junior Energy
A fundraising and educational program, allowing student teams to purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs at wholesale prices.
Light Boss for dimming and controlling HID lamps
Schools that can't afford to replace high intensity discharge lamps (common in gyms and parking lots) may be able to afford this new technology that can dim HID lamps, saving energy and prolonging bulb life. The system can also integrate motion/occupancy detectors and timing schedules.
Luminous Efficacy--Wikipedia
A concise article on the efficacy of light, a measure of how much power that goes into a lamp comes out as visible light.
Professional Equipment
Professional Equipment sells Extech, Fluke, and Mannix meters, including light meters and datalogging light meters.
Sunlight Direct
Imagine using sunlight to light a room without windows. This company produces collectors that gather sunlight into fiberoptic cables, then distributes light via those cables into the interiors of a building. Skip that wasteful step of converting 15% of sunlight to electricity just to make light again!
The Fluorescent Lighting System
One expert's self-made encyclopedia about fluorescent lights. Comparisons, safety, troubleshooting, and notes on mercury and other hazards.
Welcome to TOP LITE Inc !
Wikipedia — Fluorescent Lighting — Flicker Problems
This page explains the problems with flickering lights we diagnose using our Flicker Checker project.

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