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Antartic Scientific Drilling project
The Antarctic (Scientific) Drilling project web site. Relevant, since tremendous supplies of petroleum might exist under Antarctica.
API's Adventures in Energy-Refining
Click on refining, then enter an extremely detailed explanation of the myriad methods and processes of refining.
API's Oil and Natural Gas Education Site
Yes, the same API that you see on the bottle of motor oil.
ASPO the Association for the Study of Peak Oil
Centre for Energy (Canada)
Aggregator of energy information in Canada. Offers many educational materials sponsored by the Canadian petroleum industry.
Crude Oil Depletion
Energy4Me--The Society of Petroleum Engineers
The Society of Petroleum Engineers provides information about energy for teachers to use. Energy4Me distributes educational materials about energy resources, developed by teachers, tested in classrooms. Energy4Me also provides speakers and web resources.
Extreme Oil | PBS
A PBS series on our supply and demand of oil.
Gas Buddy Price Map of US Gasoline Prices
See a color-coded map of recent prices by county, also available for Canada. Useful for researching geographic dependence of price of gas. Zoom in to compare by zip code.
New England Fuel Institute
News item-Oil well safety and kids
ONTA--Hydrocarbon Samples
Based in Toronto, this organization offers kits of oil and coal-bearing rocks for educational purposes.
Shell Eco-Marathon
The Shell Oil company sponsors this annual event in which teams compete to build vehicles that get over 1000 mpg. Most vehicles carry one person (the driver), travel about 25 kph, and run on gasoline.
Texas Energy Museum
Beaumont, Texas.
Petroleum centered information, offering tours to schools and youth groups.
The Post Carbon Institute
Publications and recordings on resiliency in a future without fossil fuels.
This organization hosted, now offline. Check for past publications.
Nonprofit organization incorporated in Oregon, USA.
This Week In Petroleum
Check the latest trends in petroleum stockpiles and prices, pump prices.