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Wind Rose and Polar Bar Charts in Python
The graphing library for Python, plotly, allows programmers to make wind roses, which are graphs that show how often and how strongly the wind blows from each direction. The circular graph was originally modeled after a compass rose.
This page shows two ways to generate these polar histograms. It is left to the reader to generate the bins for the histogram. Contact for software for that.
A Dynamometer for Model Solar Cars
BC Hydro Wind Monitoring
Data: 10-minute average wind speed and direction, the standard deviation for both wind speed and direction, the 10-minute maximum wind speed, and air temperature, all for several locations in each of several regions of British Columbia.
Black and Decker Power Monitor and energy products
Black and Decker rebrands and sells a remote meter, a combination of a device that attaches to a utility electric meter and sends radio signals to a battery-powered unit. You can carry the unit around the house, seeing how larger devices use energy. You should probably use another device like a WattsUp Pro to analyze smaller devices, and complicated devices like refrigerators and computers.
Colorado Solar Schools
Resources for Colorado schools that want to include PV for education. Also, anyone can access solar electric generation data, real time and past week and month, from a dozen schools in Colorado.
DATAQ Instruments Free Datalogger App for Students
DATAQ Instruments will give away one free DI-194RS (kit for using computer as datalogger, including ADC that plugs into serial port and software) per month (on average) to students for use in their science fair projects.
Etesian Technologies -- self-powered anemometers
A Massachusetts company that offers remote anemometers that run on wind power and send data to wireless receivers that can save to USB drives.
Programs kiosks and online pages showing data from building energy systems.
Heliotronics sells turnkey educational monitoring and display systems for use with solar and wind generation. Dozens of schools use their systems to monitor their own generation, and some also compare to other schools' data.
Inspeed-Inexpensive anemometers and vanes
Inspeed's Vortex wind speed anemometer is made from a bicycle-computer. You can purchase an anemometer together with software for logging the data. Recommended by Michael at KidWind.
MadgeTech Dataloggers--Anemometer
MadgeTech builds and sells professional dataloggers. They sell an anemometer to go with their pulse-loggers (high frequency event counters).
MT Schools Contents
In testing, this system logs photovoltaic production and provides reports on its web page for users around the world.
PCE Instruments
PCE Instruments is a multinational corporation centered in Germany. The sell data-logging instruments from multiple manufacturers, including their own.
Science House at Science Museum of Minnesota
1500 sq ft. house in the back yard of the Science Museum of Minnesota, with net-zero emissions, solar power integrated into the roof, a geothermal heat-pump, efficient windows, and spray-in insulation.
Solar Connection - BP Solar Schools
Overview and data from schools with photovoltaic systems. You can download data in CSV format.
Solar Energy Project : University of Vermont
Solar Log Home
This site shows statistics, including day, month, and year overviews of PV generation in multiple countries. Good for learning some languages as well as about the sun.
Solar Pathfinder
Tool for measuring solar angles at a site, checking for portion of day shaded.
SolarOne Solutions
SolarOne offers the Harvester, a portable PV system with either an 80W or a 240W solar panel, a deep-discharge battery, a TrueSine inverter, and a tilting mount, all on a rolling base. The company also offers accessories: water purifiers, efficient lamps, and a data-logger for the whole system.
Solmetric: Solar test and measuring equipment
Solmetric makes a digital camera with a special lens that takes a photo of a site and shows precisely how much solar exposure the point of reference will receive during the year.
Data from inverters at several renewable energy generation sites with Solectria inverters. You can see graphs of hourly production for a day, a week, or a month; the address of the site; a link to the installer; and a photo of the generation system, usually PV on a roof. Typical variables are AC energy, AC power, AC voltage, AC current, and DC voltage.
SolTrex | Renewable Energy Systems Monitoring from Heliotronics
See logs from two renewable sites at schools, and learn how to find data from more than 100 monitored systems.
Temperature Inside and Out lesson plan
This lesson was prepared at as a starting-point for a workshop on using HOBO data-logging devices to measure temperature. Students are asked questions to relate temperature observations to daily cycles and the weather. Students may also learn about insulation and building envelopes.
Watts On Schools
Watts On Schools is American Electric Power's way of bringing solar power to schools in communities throughout Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Through Watts On Schools, AEP has installed nineteen solar energy systems at public elementary, middle, and high schools located within the service areas of three of AEP's electric utilities.
Web Energy Logger
The Web Energy Logger is a device that can keep track of several streams of data from home-energy-monitoring systems. It is commonly used by households with domestic solar hot water and/or ground source heat pumps, but it is useful in any case where students are interested in following multiple temperatures.
WJ's Infrared & Photography Homepage

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