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Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation
MAST links to curriculum and a calendar and other resources to help educators teach about sustainable transportation.
Alternative Drivetrains
Alternative Fuels Data Center: Vehicles
US DOE clearinghouse for info on alternative fuels.
American Methanol Institute
Automotive Career Development Center
Trains mechanics to work on hybrid vehicles.
Autos Without Pollution
Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Bike safety and education.
Car Busters
Carbusters Magazine is published four times a year by the World Carfree Network and produced by an international activist team in Prague, Czech Republic.
Clean School Bus USA, EPA
Club of Pioneers
An informational site about future-technology transportation.
DOE's Clean Cities Home
Clean Cities programs help public and private parties reduce pollution, especially through grant support for switching to alternative fuels for transportation.
Eco Trekker
The host of this video series travels across America without using any gasoline or standard diesel. Check out their long list of non-gas vehicles, with photos, statistics, and contact-info.
Educational Activities in Solar Energy
Based in Needham, MA. Ask SolarSam to visit your school with his Chariots charged by solar power.
EERE: Clean Cities Home Page
ENC Focus:Alternative Fuels
EV World: The World of Electric, Hybrid, Fuel...
Federal Aviation Administration: Education
The FAA links to curriculum about flying.
News, videos, research reviews, and an online community, all about future personal transportation.
Futuretruck 2001 Photos
Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation
The US Department of Transportation has a mission to support transportation education from kindergarten to career.
Going Green Mapping Tool
Find an alternative fuel for your vehicle with this interactive map.
Google Web Directory - Science-Technology...EVehicles
Green Car Congress
Green Car Congress hosts a news-based site. This is a great place to get the latest news about clean-car technologies. I suggest reading articles in class and then teaching the needed science.
Green Grand Prix
An annual economical and environmentally friendlier vehicle event. A road race for street-legal cars, and exhibits of specialty vehicles at a great social event at legendary Watkins Glen, NY. - Parts - Kits - Projects - Infor...
This is where you get the EPA's mileage ratings for new cars.
I Don't Care About the Air
International Air Transport Association (IATA) - Fuel efficiency
The International Air Transport Association explains its approach to supporting the air transport industry while addressing carbon dioxide emissions and fuel efficiency.
International Hydrogen Drive 2004
MA Clean Cities Coalition
Meets monthly to promote cleaner options in transportation for both public and private parties.
Modine (innovative refrigeration manufacturer)
Modine makes refrigeration systems that use CO2 as a coolant instead of CFCs or HCFCs. In 2004 they introduced a Jeep that cools itself with CO2. They also work to increase efficiency of traditional cooling systems, as well as managing the thermal output Ôjö Modine
Mrs. Brewster's Alternative Vehicle Assignment
A project for Beverly (MA) High School. Students research alternative vehicles in the context of improving the local economy with a new plant.
National Ethanol Vehicle Council
Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
OptiSoft _ Intelligent Traffic Signal Platform
Now that transportation departments are saving so much with LED signals, this company offers cities somewhere to place their displaced spending: LED traffic lights with integrated surveillance cameras!
Oregon Manifest
A design/build competition to create the modern utility bike. Portland, Oregon, is one of the world's leading communities in replacing automobile culture with fuel-free and efficient transportation. This challenge celebrates the homespun industry that's making innovative bicycles for delivering goods and people for better commerce.
Propane Vehicle Council
Rapid Charger for Electric Vehicles in Hawaii
Renewable Fuels Association (Ethanol Industry Voice)
Representing the ethanol industry.
Rulemaking Actions
Solar Lab Research and Design
A London-based company that builds boats and other projects using photo-voltaic modules. You can see their solar ferry operating in Hamburg, Germany.
Solar Skiff
Inventing a solar-powered space plane. This super-long page reviews history, physics, and an interesting business model.
Summer Teacher Workshop--Transportation
Learn how to use advanced transportation technologies to teach science pre-college. The workshops are held at Penn State in University Park, PA.
The Bicycle Pavilion
Site for a traveling exhibition about bicycles, history, and human-powered transportation.
The EPA's Transportation and Air Quality Tech.
The US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Transportation and Air Quality studies cleaner technologies for autos.
The EV1 Chronicles
The Hythane Company
Hythane is a company that converts cars to run on a 20-80 mix of hydrogen and natural gas (mostly methane, which is four atoms of hydrogen and one of carbon).
The Technology and Potential of Hybrid Vehicles
Tomorrow's Railroads
Rail freight advocacy organization. Disseminates information on the savings of energy and CO2-emissions by increasing the use of intermodal freight (Truck-Rail appropriate loading).
Transatlantic21 Solar PV Catamaran
Using solar power only, the catamaran "sun21" is undertaking the first motorized crossing of the Atlantic with solar power to promote the great potential of this technology for ocean navigation. The "sun21" is due to arrive on 8 May 2007, 6 pm, in New York, having covered about 7000 sea miles
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green ...
U.S. Fuel Cell Council
Uncle Mark's Alternative Fueling Station
X-Prize Cars
Blog following teams competing for the Progressive Automotive X-Prize, a competition to create a production-ready passenger vehicle that gets over 100 miles per gallon.

Related Documents

Cars of Tomorrow and the American Community
Cars of Tommorow and the American Community.pdf (file size:8,874,649 bytes)
Through this unit, students identify how alternatively fueled cars of tomorrow can be used in their community. The unit contains an introductory activity that helps students determine which energy and transportation issues are important to them and their communities, and three research sections about alternative fueled vehicles that address availability and distribution; emissions and health; and operation, maintenance, and refueling. With each lesson, students discover another social, scientific, or technical aspect of cutting-edge automotive technologies and fuels.
Getting Around Clean and Green
Getting Around Clean & Green.pdf (file size:1,407,201 bytes)
In this unit, students will explore their own transportation choices. They will also research the impacts various transportation options have on air quality, human health, and the environment, and will discover that they can make choices that will reduce many of the negative impacts of getting around in a car. Along the way, students will conduct research, work with graphs and charts, carry out surveys, and analyze the results. The final student project, a “Travel Guide of Clean & Green Ways to Get to Fun and Interesting Places,” allows students to integrate all of what they’ve learned into a guide that will help friends and families get out and have fun while leaving the car (emissions) at home.
Getting Around Without Gasoline
Getting Around without Gasoline.pdf (file size:4,418,751 bytes)
This unit focuses on transportation. the major polluter and user of oil in the United States. Developed for 6th-8th graders, the eight chapters offer lesson plans and classroom materials designed to enable teachers of different disciplines to teach academic skills in the context of this issue. These lessons are suitable for teachers of environmental science, language arts, social studies, science, math, art and technology. Students will become aware of the challenges that face them, and be given the questions and tools they need to develop ciritcal thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills. Students will be empowered to become concerned citizens and, based on their understanding of sustainability, make a positive difference in the world in which they live.
Travel Solutions to Global Warming
Travel Solutions.pdf (file size:381,108 bytes)
In this lesson, students will investigate carbon cycle and fossil fuels; graph the carbon dioxide production and populations of six nations; generate suggestions to reduce travel related carbon dioxide production; and complete "Trip Log" with trip saving measures.
Trip Tally: Discovering Environmental Solutions
TripTally.pdf (file size:425,591 bytes)
In this lesson students will perform a simple atmospheric experiment; collect, tabulate, graph, and analyze information on on how they get around; compare advantages and disadvantages of different forms of travel; and communicate pollution reducing message on posters.