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Ideas and products for electric vehicles, including bikes and motorcycles. Also, consulting on transportation issues, and links.
AC Propulsion
build electric vehicles and kits to turn EVs into hybrids.
Association of Electric Road Vehicles of Europe
Autos Without Pollution
Connecticut Electrathon
High school and college competition of minimal human-scale electric race cars.
Eastern Electric Vehicle Club
Eastern Electric Vehicle Club, Valley Forge, PA.
EEVEE.COM--Electric Vehicles and More
A collection of information about electric vehicles, alternative energy, and related projects.
Electrathon America
ELECTRATHON is a type of ELECTRIC MARATHON in which the winner is determined by how far you go in a certain time with a given amount of battery power. ELECTRATHON AMERICA class competition uses specific design rules to ensure safe and fair competition. ELECTRATHON AMERICA events are held around the country, featuring zippy one-person electric vehicles on race tracks.
Electric Auto Association
National organization of local electric vehicle clubs. Information, links, events...
Electric Cars are for Girls
Advocacy and information about electric vehicles, transportation, female environmental leadership, and climate change.
Electric Drive Transportation Association
Electric Motorscooters and Motorcycles
Electric Scooters, electric bicycles and e-bi...
Electric Transit Vehicle Association
Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas EVAA
Electro Automotive
Electric car conversions, kits, books. Felton, CA.
Emerging Vehicles
Once sold heavy-duty, electric motor-scooters in Cambridge, MA. A troubled enterprise.
EV Rental: Partners
EV World: The World of Electric, Hybrid, Fuel...
EV1 Club Home Page
Learn the strange history of this 1990s car. Technology, politics, social meaning, and usage.
A hub of internet-based information about electric vehicles.
News, videos, research reviews, and an online community, all about future personal transportation.
GreenHybrid - Hybrid Electric Vehicles & Cars
This site hosts discussions and media on hybrid cars. Go here if you want photos and a review of a particular model.
Hybrid Cars - Great starting point for hybrids
Hybrids are exciting more and more adults. When will students insist that we teach them all about this?
Hybrid Electric Vehicles
A festival of modern transportation in Wisconsin, with competitions and exhibits.
Mr. Fizzix
Home page of James Clark, featuring his work with students in the Electrathon, an electric-car competition.
Naked Prius
Hobbit explains with photos how he disassembled his Prius to show at Altwheels 2005.
New England Electric Auto Association
The NEEAA offers a fuel-savers guide and displays electric vehicles at various shows.
New York Electrathon
New York's competition for one-passenger electric vehicles.
Plug-in hybrid enthusiasts site. Photos, opportunities for action, news, and a store.
The Ponaganset High School Fuel Cell Education Initiative. North Scituate, RI tech class.
Save the Bonneville Salt Flats
Eagle Scout Troop 96 member Brad Singleton explains his experience with hybrid cars since he was 14, and his troops mission to save the Bonneville Salt Flats for use of future generations.
Solar Taxi World Tour
Follow a Swiss schoolteacher around the world in a small electric vehicle powered by a trailer of PV modules. Sponsored by Q-Cells, a PV-module manufacturer.
Texas eRider - Home -
This New Car - Radio Show
This podcast explores hybdrid, hydrogen, and other alternative transportation technologies, along with social issues of personal transportation.
Toyota Prius and More page by John
John publishes all of his gas-consumption data from his two hybrid cars. He also has links to all sorts of information and visuals about the Prius.
Who Killed the Electric Car?
The web site for this movie helps you explore facts about different forms of personal transportation.

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