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CCMR - Ask A Scientist!
A way for students to ask age-old or novel questions about science and technology. Replies by Cornell's scientists and engineers.
Digital resources for physics and astronomy education. A National Science Digital Library pathway.
EME - Science - Science Topics - Pollution
ENC Online: Web Links: Science Topics: Energy,1578,1%2DEnergy,00.shtm
Gender & Science Digital Library
Covers strategies for bringing women into science, teachnology, math, and engineering.
Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS)
The JETS website inlcudes resources, articles, and activities about engineering and technology careers.
Massachusetts Geographic Information System
McAuliffe Challenger Center
This center offers opportunities both for kids and for professional development in science.
MERLOT multimedia library
Museum Institute for Teaching Science
Helping informal educators and teachers increase student participation in science, technology, engineering, and math. Workshops and booklets of activities.
NASA's Visible Earth
A catalog of pictures and video of Earth.
NEXUS Green Building Educational Center
Physically located in downtown Boston, MA, NEXUS (pursuing LEED CI) includes over 6,000 square feet of product and educational showrooms, a print and online samples and resource library and networking space. The center is staffed by green building experts and LEED accredited professionals. It is open to building owners, architects, engineers, designers, developers and the general public.
The NEXUSWEB is the virtual wing of the NEXUS center. On this site you can access all of the educational resources found at the physical center from the comfort of your home or office.
PreK-12 Engineering for MA
Renewable Resource Data Center
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory maintains sets of data on renewable resources, e.g. sunlight falling on the US in a 10km-resolution grid.
Science Netlinks: Lesson Index
Based on AAAS Benchmarks for Science Literacy.
Teachers' Domain digital library
Video clips, lesson plans, arranged by NSES. site requires registration
Technical Briefs--Practical Action
A treasure-trove of information about energy technologies for people working in the appropriate technology field. Briefs are filled with useful facts and smart analysis of technologies like batteries and solar cookers.
US EPA's EnviroMapper
Use this site to make maps of any area in the US, showing EPA-related features like toxic releases and air-monitoring sites along with important features like rivers and schools.
Welcome to the ASEE EngineeringK12 Center