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AltEnergy Store Worcester MA
Ambient Weather
AW sells dozens of handheld and mounted anemometers, and a few items to measure solar radiation.
Awareness Ideas
Awareness Ideas offers institutions educational media about energy, recycling, and safety. Schools can also team with local businesses who buy media from AI so that the schools share in the profits. A large variety of posters.
awarenessIDEAS--Visual Communications
Posters, handouts, signs, displays, decals, brochures, about energy conservation, recycling, safety, air quality, water conservation, and more.
Central New England Solar Store
A solar store in Auburn MA, with a storefront, an outgrowth of the original Solar Store in Vermont. Sells modules, turbines, balance-of-system, lights, etc.
DATAQ Instruments Free Datalogger App for Students
DATAQ Instruments will give away one free DI-194RS (kit for using computer as datalogger, including ADC that plugs into serial port and software) per month (on average) to students for use in their science fair projects.
DOE Computers for Schools
The federal government gives computers from the department of energy and other agencies to schools and student-serving nonprofits.
Electric Pinwheels LLC
This Windsor NY company sells anemometers, small wind turbines, and small solar and wind electricity collection systems.
Empower Playgrounds
Empower runs multiple projects in Ghana where students power electric generators attached to their zip-lines and merry-go-rounds on their playground.
Energy Concepts Inc.
Energy Concepts, Inc. offers training systems for technical careers. Their curriculum includes courses in physics, biotechnology, material science, and general technology.
Energy Conservation awareness materials
Awareness Ideas sells marketing materials, including this whole set of materials for awareness of energy conservation. Note that they can produce light-switch-plate covers with your school logo and a message to remember to turn the switch off.
Energy Federation Incorporated
Sells many carefully selected efficient appliances, especially cutting-edge light bulbs. Contracts to states and organizations for selling efficient items.
We resell, at non-profit rates, some items, like EED's WattsUp Pro datalogging electricity meter, for studying energy. Contact ETO to find out what's available.
Enterprise for Education
Energy ed materials mostly made for utilities to buy for schools.
Several videos on nuclear energy.
Flinn Scientific
Check out their electrochemistry lab.
Central Maine Diesel 48 Liberty Way Hermon, ME 04401 Toll-Free: 1-888-899-0603 Phone: 1-207-848-3388 Fax: 1-207-848-7576 E-Mail:
HOPE High School Science Curriculum
Horizon Educational
Horizon produces a variety of science kits and open fuel source applications for teaching alternative/renewable energy. Their materials take a more hands-on approach to learning STEM related topics, with kits covering renewable energy subjects such as wind, fuel cell, solar, thermal, and bio-energy.
Horizon Fuel Cell
Horizon provides kits and curriculum for fuel cells and renewable energy.
IMP Corp -- Used Power Generators
IMP Corp is a worldwide supplier of new, surplus, and used power generators and engines--serving several industries including oil & gas, mining, drilling, marine, and more. Specializing in Caterpillar (CAT), Cummins, Rolls-Royce et al.
Inspeed-Inexpensive anemometers and vanes
Inspeed's Vortex wind speed anemometer is made from a bicycle-computer. You can purchase an anemometer together with software for logging the data. Recommended by Michael at KidWind.
Jack Rabbit Marine Energy Systems
Hydropower, wind solar and supporting systems. 425 Farifield Ave. Stamford, CT 06902
KidWind Project, The
The KidWind Project trains middle school teachers to generate meaningful curriculum around designing and building effective, tabletop, electric wind turbines. KidWind offers workshops, kits, information, and ideas for teaching about wind energy. Its curriculum is excellent for teaching engineering design. KidWind can help you think of ways to get much of the materials donated from local hardware stores.
KidWind Store
Buy kits and components for building model wind turbines. KidWind can help you think of ways to get much of the materials donated from local hardware stores.
leXsolar produces vocational training modules for learning about energy technologies and systems.
NADA Scientific
NADA Scientific produces and sells equipment for learning science, technology, and engineering, such as an electric vehicle trainer, fuel cell kits, photocell kits, etc.
New England Biodiesel
Biodiesel equipment and supplies, experience with schools and safe installations. Offers workshops.
Onset Computer Corporation
Sells HOBO data loggers used in iScience's HOBO Energy Challenge.
ONTA--Hydrocarbon Samples
Based in Toronto, this organization offers kits of oil and coal-bearing rocks for educational purposes.
Pedal Power Generators
Pedal Power Generators offers free plans, and materials for sale, to build an electric generator from a bicycle on a stand.
Physics and Astronomy -
Post Carbon Store, Learning Tools for a Low E...
Professional Equipment
Professional Equipment sells Extech, Fluke, and Mannix meters, including light meters and datalogging light meters.
Solar Panels, Windmills, Inverters, Solar Power
A web-only store based in Worcester, MA
Solar Stream
Solar-powered fountain pumps. 80 Pine Street, Suite 6, Peterborough, NH 03458. (603) 300-7081
Solar Tracking Skylights, Inc.
Moving reflectors in a roof-top dome pass light down into spaces.
Solar World - solar products for consumers an...
Equipment for Junior Solar Sprint and other educational kits.
SolarOne Solutions
SolarOne offers the Harvester, a portable PV system with either an 80W or a 240W solar panel, a deep-discharge battery, a TrueSine inverter, and a tilting mount, all on a rolling base. The company also offers accessories: water purifiers, efficient lamps, and a data-logger for the whole system.
STEM Solar Lab — Energizing Students
The STEM Solar Lab is a 2kW grid-tied solar PV array for schools to use as a learning model for teachers and students. Accompanying curriculum is for grades 7-12. There is a focus on hands-on learning.
SunWind Solar Energy Kits Catalogs
Sustainability Systems
Energy and water conservation specialists. Retails Kill-a-Watt meters, RE equipment, inexpensive computer-connected anemometer (Inspeed's).
Tankless Water Heaters, Solar and Wind Home P...
TeacherGeek offers multi-discipllinary materials and activities, including projects for studying energy.
The Green Revolution power-gen exercise equipment
The Green Revolution provides gyms with power-generating exercise equipment.
The Rahus Institute
Sells educational materials for solar energy. Runs Schoolhouse Institute, a workshop for educators, exploring solar resources and tools. HQ: Martinez, CA.
Used Energy-Related Laboratory Equipment Grant
The Used Energy-Related Laboratory Equipment (ERLE) Grant Program was established by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to grant available excess of used energy-related laboratory equipment to middle schools, high schools, universities and colleges and other nonprofit educational institutions of higher learning in the United States for use in energy oriented educational programs.
W.E. Kuriger Assoc.
Sells products that measure carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide: Measure your own Keeling curve!
WattsUp Meters
Electricity meters into which you can plug any 120V device up to 1800W. Models retain data, some allowing you to download data to computer, some showing data in realtime, via USB cable, with extra software.
Weather Shop
Anemometers and other data-logging measurement devices for weather.
Web Energy Logger
The Web Energy Logger is a device that can keep track of several streams of data from home-energy-monitoring systems. It is commonly used by households with domestic solar hot water and/or ground source heat pumps, but it is useful in any case where students are interested in following multiple temperatures.
Windstream Power Systems
PO Box 1604 Burlington, VT 05402-1604. 802-658-0075. Try the human-powered energy system for your classroom.
Woodland Energy--Solar Solutions
Consumer products, Fitchburg, MA.