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Shell Eco-Marathon
Last modified 2007-05-06 12:02:52
The Shell Oil company sponsors this annual event in which teams compete to build vehicles that get over 1000 mpg. Most vehicles carry one person (the driver), travel about 25 kph, and run on gasoline.
Peltier Device--A Multi Purpose Engine
Last modified 2007-04-04 15:11:47
From the Innovative Curriculum Series of the Wright Center for Science Education at Tufts University.
Heat Engine Projects
Last modified 2006-11-21 09:22:22
Module 3: The Laws of Thermodynamics
Last modified 2006-11-21 09:22:22
An online course in Physics from the University of Tennessee. Access to some parts restricted to students.
Last modified 2006-11-21 09:22:22
A quick summary of most quantitative ideas in basic thermodynamics.
WJ's Infrared & Photography Homepage
Last modified 2006-11-21 09:22:22