MA Course on Tech/Eng, MOS Looking for Participants

Submitted by Museum of Science Staff

2005-02-02 08:44:46

Field Testing a New High School Technology/Engineering Curriculum

The Museum of Science (MOS), Boston is seeking fifty teachers for the 2005-2006 school year to field test their new curriculum, a high school technology and engineering course that maps to Massachusetts state standards. Engineering the Future: Creating the world of the 21st Century is a full-year course, suitable for students in grades 9 or 10. While the course is designed around the Massachusetts high school technology and engineering standards, it also provides a strong foundation in physics and offers students an opportunity to explore the social and historical contexts surrounding emerging technologies. The course is not intended exclusively for pre-engineering students. A central goal of the course, in support of the state's curriculum framework, is to build technological literacy for every student, giving them practical understanding of how we all are influenced by technology, and how we all influence future technological development by the choices we make as workers, consumers, and citizens. The Museum of Science will provide each field-test classroom with a set of student readers, a teacher resource guide, tools for assessing student progress, and a 2-day orientation session during the summer. Field-test teachers will be asked to help the MOS to improve the course materials and share the results of tests and other assessments. MOS staff will collect feedback primarily through e-mail and mail; however, they expect to visit some classrooms as well. Schools will be asked to purchase laboratory equipment. All expenses will be kept as low as possible. Equipment costs will be approximately $1500 to outfit a laboratory, and consumables will not cost more than $250 per year. You can learn more about the course and field test at If you are interested in field-testing the course please send an email message to, and they will send you further information and an application. Applications are due by April 15, 2005.

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