Global Change Scientists workshop August 3, 4, Framingham State College

Submitted by Rita Chang
2006-05-24 17:18:00
Classroom Encounters with Global Change Scientists
Bringing World-Class Science Resources to Teachers and Classrooms
August 3-4, 2006
Christa McAuliffe Center at Framingham State College, MA
Cost - $175
Instructors: Rita Chang, Alan Fine
If you want to learn more about the issue of global climate change, this workshop is for you.
Directed primarily at middle school science and social studies teachers, attendees will explore the issues related to global change through a combination of the latest scientific facts and opinions, and lots of informed dialogue.
This workshop makes extensive use of the five-part Classroom Encounters film series on how the planet works, featuring renowned scientists from earth and life sciences, ninth grade science students, field discoveries, and original student-inspired art and music.
Call the McAuliffe Center at (508) 626-4050 to register.

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