North Shore area, Mass, summer inst. for educators; energy and more

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2006-05-24 17:47:51

The Museum Institute for Teaching Science is holding summer institutes in nine regions of MA, for K-8 science, math, classroom, special education, pre-service, and substitute teachers. Aides, curriculum specialists, home schoolers, and administrators are welcome.
The cooperating partners for the Summer Institute for Essex County area are:
Essex Shipbuilding Museum, lead museum
MAS (MA Audubon Society) Endicott Regional Center
Schooner Adventure
Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center
Peabody Essex Museum
H.O.B.B.E.S.- Hands-On-Boat-Based Education and Science (featured in Newsletter last year)

Summary: Examine the life cycle of the cod and build your own fish trap. Discover the interconnected system of ocean currents -and the role they play in global climatic change. Look at projected sea level rise and its possible impact on local coastal ecosystems. Understand moon cycles and their effect on tide. Explore industrial systems and how industry as well as artists process raw material to create finished products. Study the cycle of growth and decay where the water meets the land using maps, models, and hands-on experiments. Collect and analyze water and sediment samples from Gloucester Harbor . Immerse yourself in the world of plankton and its critical and evolving role in human and ecosystem health. Examine the life cycle, parts, and properties of trees. Build simple electrical circuits. Learn about wind cycles and experiment making energy-producing windmills. Explore the challenges and viability of solar power and create a renewable energy solution to a common environmental challenge.

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