U. New Hampshire publishes brochure about studying carbon footprint

Submitted by Denise Blaha and Julia Dundorf
2006-10-24 12:06:05

With scientists in almost universal agreement that greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion are causing our climate to change, the time to act is now. Because households produce roughly half of all greenhouse gas emissions (through motor vehicles, space heating, and electricity consumption), households are an essential element in reducing the risk of climate change.

The New Hampshire Carbon Challenge is a UNH initiative to encourage New Hampshire households to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 10,000 pounds per year (a 12% reduction for a typical household). Middle school and high school students can take the Carbon Challenge on behalf of their families, and in the process gain a better understanding of how their family consumes energy and thus their carbon footprint.

To learn more about the New Hampshire Carbon Challenge, download our brochure from our website:
We can also send NH teachers as many brochures as they'd like.

For more information about the New Hampshire Carbon Challenge contact either Denise Blaha denise.blaha (at-symbol) unh.edu or Julia Dundorf juliadundorf (at-symbol) metrocast.net.

Denise Blaha
Julia Dundorf
New Hampshire Carbon Challenge
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space
University of New Hampshire

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