Global Challenge for collaborative studies

Submitted by Sally O'Rourke
2006-10-30 15:46:55

Can you help young people take The Global Challenge? The Global Challenge is a recently-funded project of the National Science Foundation. We hope to have over 400 students involved this coming school year. We invite 2 US high school students to find their own advisor; we then pair them up with a similar team from China, Korea, India etc. and the team of 4 students and 2 advisors work together from Oct to May to develop
an innovative solution to Global Warming and the Energy Future.
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Those solutions take the form of a plan for a global business, with 3 countries involved in a supply chain, estimations of global impact of the business, a key innovation in science or technology, etc. The solution is then scored by an outside panel and college scholarships are awarded. We will give away $40,000 this year.
Part of our vision is to have scientists and older students already in college to interact with teams on an "as needed" basis - so that if a team is exploring "solar energy solutions" then they'd be able to find relevant experts to help them think through key points along the way to their solution.
Sally O'Rourke
Director of Student Advising and Enrollment
The Global Challenge, Inc
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